5 days ago

Property Owners Can Do Basically Whatever They Want to Homeless People Now

In San Francisco, they're even getting the government's help.


This Cleveland Woman Could Go to Jail Because Her House Needs a New Coat of Paint

"I’m going to jail cuz I’m broke, disabled, and can’t fix my home.”


Being Poor Literally Makes You Age Faster

Which makes you need medical care, which makes you even poorer...hmm!


The Disturbing Thing I Learned Studying White Privilege and Liberals

I found a blindspot in my empathy, and our study confirmed it.


Luxury Housing Is Threatening to Wipe Out Miami’s Trailer Parks

The wealthy city of Coral Gables is trying to take control of some unincorporated land that would likely displace 225 people in a trailer park.


What It Really Means for the Infamous Ottawa McDonald’s to End 24-Hour Service

It’s been made famous for its viral brawls and wild Reddit posts, but the Rideau McDonald’s is really just a symptom of larger problems in the neighbourhood.


Toronto Is Rapidly Losing Its Most Affordable Housing

Up to a third of Parkdale’s rooming houses are at “imminent risk” of being closed, a recent report shows.


‘Privacy Is Becoming a Luxury’: What Data Leaks Are Like for the Poor

"I felt like my identity or whatever didn't matter to them."


This Is How People Can Actually Afford to Live in Chicago

"There are no poor white neighborhoods in Chicago.”


This Is What Trump Quietly Screwing the Poor Looks Like

Predators who target desperate people with payday loans were going to get regulated. Then they threw some money around.


How the Drug War Eats the Poor

According to a new report by the NGO Health Poverty Action, prohibition drives poverty and criminality in places like Brazil and India.


Growing Up Poor Taught Me How to Budget

My childhood experience with poverty may have ruined my credit, but it also gave me the power to survive my past.