refugee crisis


The Objects That Remind Refugees of Home

"I was afraid of also losing my culture, but something as small as a rug has helped me to hang on to a part of it.​"


How Migrants Helped to Rejuvenate a Struggling Town

A few years ago, the Sicilian town of Sutera found a renewed sense of purpose after it started welcoming migrant families. Now, Italy's anti-immigration policies are threatening this new balance.


U.S. border guards can't block asylum seekers heading to Canada

But if they're in the U.S. illegally, they can be detained.


The Myanmar military doesn’t want you to see where the Rohingya genocide took place

One million Rohingya refugees remain in Bangladesh as the U.N. accuses Myanmar of genocide


Will a New Cryptocurrency Solve Venezuela's Economic Crisis?

The bolivar has lost 99.9% of its value in two years, but President Nicolas Maduro claims to have just the solution.


Why Fashion Can be Vital for Refugees

"I think that if you're badly dressed, everyone sees you as just another refugee."


Is this illegal?

We fact checked the claim that asylum seekers are crossing "illegally" into Canada.


There are now 1 million cholera cases in Yemen

A brief guide to the biggest news in the world (that doesn’t involve Trump)


Child Refugees Are Being Abused By European Border Officials

A report by Doctors Without Borders details the mistreatment of refugees along the Balkan Route.


Tales of Horror and Heroism from the Syrian Civil War

Read a crushing excerpt from ‘We Crossed a Bridge and It Trembled,’ a new book of oral histories compiled by Wendy Pearlman.