Rob Ford


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The appointment of Doug Ford's friend as Ontario police commissioner is getting messy

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The Six Wildest Accusations From the Lawsuit Against Doug Ford

Rob Ford’s widow, Renata Ford, is suing Doug and Randy Ford, saying they’ve cheated her and her kids out of millions.


Rob Ford's widow slaps Doug Ford with epic lawsuit

Days before the Ontario election, Renata Ford and her two children have alleged the PC leader deprived them of millions


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Pollsters say it’s not identity that’s driving Ford’s support among racialized immigrants, but values.


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Brit Who Looks Nothing Like Rob Ford to Play Rob Ford in Movie

Damian Lewis will wear a prosthetic to play the controversial former Toronto mayor.


Steve Paikin Says Sexual Harassment Claim Is ‘Complete Fiction’

The TVO host says former Toronto mayoral Candidate Sarah Thomson defamed him.


Doug Ford Is Running for Premier, Baby!

And here’s a list of things he has said or done that makes Premier Doug Ford unlikely.