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Meet the Teenage Girl Who Led Thousands in Protest Against Sweden’s Deportation of Afghan Refugees

The deportations haven’t stopped, but 18-year-old Fatemeh Khavari made Sweden pay attention to their struggle.
Fatemeh Khavari

We Asked Students if Stoner Culture Is Dead Now Thanks to Legal Weed

After decades of fighting, we finally got legal cannabis, but young people are over it.
Jackson Weaver
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Mexico Is the Deadliest Country for Journalists, but That’s Not Stopping These Students

Whether by drug cartels or corrupt politicians, journalists in Mexico are regularly threatened or killed for doing their job. Five students tell us why they’ve still chosen to study journalism and why they won’t stop fighting for freedom of the press.
Ollin Velasco

Striking Black and White Portraits from Columbia's Canceled Photo Show

Students are using as an off-campus exhibition space in solidarity with the Graduate Workers of Columbia's recent strike.
Clara Mokri
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This Valedictorian Tricked His Trump-Loving Town into Cheering Obama

"I just thought it was a really good quote,” the rogue valedictorian said.
Drew Schwartz

We Asked Students About Their Biggest Lessons From First Year

‘Don’t leave porn on your laptop before you go into lecture.’
Sierra Bein

One Fifth of UK Students Use Drugs to Self-Medicate Mental Health Problems

And more findings from a university drug study.
Max Daly
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One School District's Plan to Stop Mass Shootings: Arm Students with Rocks

"If an armed intruder attempts to gain entrance into any of our classrooms, they will face a classroom full of students armed with rocks and they will be stoned."
Lauren Messman

What It's Like to Be Young and Extremely Lonely in a Big City

"Most people look forward to the weekend, but for me, it’s the other way around. I look forward to Monday so I can speak to people at work."
Ben Copeland

Students in Ontario Are Using Drugs Less—Except Fentanyl

Apparently opioids are more popular than cigarettes in Ontario high schools.
Allison Tierney

Chinese Uni Students On Why They Still Use Western Names

A hundred-thousand Chinese students will enrol in British institutions this year, but only around half will keep their Chinese names.
David Brown
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A Bunch of Teens Snitched on Their Teacher for Doing Drugs in Class

She was arrested after one student filmed her snorting what she later admitted was cocaine.
Drew Schwartz