Don’t Just Delete Facebook, Poison Your Data First

If you're savvy with code, you can employ a script that repeatedly alters your Facebook posts with nonsense, making it more difficult for the social media site to collect user data.
Kaleigh Rogers
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Study Finds Period Tracking Apps May Be Sharing Intimate Details with Facebook

Facebook also wants to know “if you are feeling happy, anxious or excited". And knowing when you are in a vulnerable state of mind means advertisers can strategically target you.
Meera Navlakha
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A Viral Chinese Deepfake App Is Sparking a Debate on Privacy

Chinese users jumped at the chance to edit themselves into scenes from shows like ‘Game of Thrones’ but those who have studied the app’s privacy policy say it’s not all fun and games.
Meera Navlakha
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Bangladesh to Replace ‘Virgin’ With ‘Unmarried’ Before Bride’s Name in Muslim Marriage Certificate

Activists see the verdict as a ‘landmark’ win over a provision that violates the right to privacy and is discriminatory against women who want to get married.
Pallavi Pundir

Microsoft Contractors Listened to Xbox Owners in Their Homes

Multiple contractors working for Microsoft explain how they listened to audio captured by Xbox consoles.
Joseph Cox

Eight Of The Ten Most-Surveilled Cities In The World Are In China

The two other non-Chinese cities in the top ten are outside Asia, while Singapore appeared in 11th place.
Meera Navlakha
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Facebook Said It Wasn't Listening to Your Conversations. It Was.

Facebook's excuse? All the other tech companies were doing it, too.
David Gilbert

Revealed: Microsoft Contractors Are Listening to Some Skype Calls

Documents, screenshots, and audio obtained by Motherboard show that humans listen to Skype calls made using the app's translation function.
Joseph Cox

This Tool Lets You See Facebook’s Targeted Political Ads All Over the World

Facebook has failed to be fully transparent with data concerning political advertising, so two researchers collected the data themselves.
Edward Ongweso Jr

Facebook Just Paid a $5 Billion Fine for Privacy Breaches. Now it Wants Access to Your Brain.

Facebook is building a headset that can monitor, read and translate your brainwaves and allow users to type just by thinking.
David Gilbert

FaceApp Isn’t Creepy Because It’s Russian, It's Creepy Because It’s Capitalist

FaceApp’s privacy policy is bad. Its policy isn’t uniquely bad because it’s a Russian company.
Caroline Haskins

Chinese Antivirus Companies Don’t Flag Chinese Border Malware

After a joint investigation found China installing malware on tourists’ phones, several antivirus companies started flagging the app. Several Chinese companies did not, however.
Joseph Cox