Sect Breathes New Life into Vegan Straight Edge Hardcore with a Supercharged Debut

Members of Cursed, Earth Crisis, Fall Out Boy and Catharsis (don't) walk into a bar…

by Kim Kelly
29 June 2016, 9:00am

Straight edge vegan hardcore supergroups are hard to come by these days, so we thought we'd brighten your day with the worldwide debut of Sect, a brand-new project cooked up by a bunch of extremely well-seasoned dudes (one of whom is also the culinary hustler behind Vegan Magic products). Said dude—Chris Colohan, who you may also remember from the legendary likes of Cursed and Burning Love—got in touch with Noisey to spill the details on Sect, his new endeavor with members of Earth Crisis, Catharsis, and Fall Out Boy. We're stoked to be premiering three tracks from the bands upcoming self-titled debut below, too.

Comprised of Colohan on vocals, James Chang and Scott Crouse on guitar, Ian Edwards on bass, and drummer Andrew Hurley, Sect rips and roars, chugs and stomps, and generally just fucking shreds. Colohan's caustic vocals are instantly recognizable, all sneer and snarl, and the unexpected shards of melody studding the otherwise cutthroat template of tracks like "Sinking" add a darker, moodier dimension to the short, sharp hardcore shocks of songs like "Scourge of Empire" and "Death Dealer."

The album was recorded at Roost Frequency by Wes Gillespie, mixed/produced by Scott Crouse and James Chang, and mastered by Alan Douches at Westwestside, and is due out August 5. Sect will be self-released in North America (distributed by Deathwish), and available worldwide from a variety of labels: Reflections in Europe, Alliance Trax in Japan, Caustic in Brazil, and Cactus in Malaysia.

Stream a trio of tracks below, and preorder the album here!

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