Why This Swiss Politician Wants to Ban Kebabs

Independent campaigner Daniel Graf wants to get people talking about the country’s move to ban the burqa—via the medium of late-night takeout.

by Daisy Meager
29 September 2016, 2:19pm

Photo via Flickr user G Morel

Upon first hearing that Swiss independent politician Daniel Graf wants to ban kebabs, you might think that he has a point. Y'know, what with the whole dodgy, unidentifiable meat thing and the questionable journey it probably took to get to your polystyrene container.

Launched two weeks ago, Graf's anti-kebab campaign website soon sparked outrage among chefs in Turkey. But it was only yesterday that he revealed his real motive for taking such a hardline stance on the favourite drunk food.

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Graf's true motive? Burqas.

Yesterday, Swiss parliament approved a draft law proposed by the right wing Swiss People's Party, which would ban the body-covering dress. While it's still far from being made a reality, Graf decided to raise his opposition to the ban in an attention-grabbing way.

And that's where kebabs come in.

Speaking to The Local, Graf explained that he launched his anti-kebab campaign and petition, which currently has more than 1,000 signatures, to talk about the "complicated" issues in everyday terms: "I started the idea of this kebab ban because if you say, 'Hey, let's collect signatures for a kebab ban,' everyone says, 'This is a very stupid idea, you are fools.' So then you can say, 'Yes, OK, maybe you are right, but there is another thing which sounds rather similar—the burqa ban, it's also foolish.'"

Graf added: "You can't control [the burqa ban debate] with argument and sense, that's why we need a debate that connects with people in their daily life and the kebab is in daily life so it works very well and people start to discuss it."

Switzerland's burqa ban debate will continue, going next to the Swiss Council of States or to a public vote.

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Graf might have to watch out with his own ditch-the-kebab campaign, though. Any petition that receives more than 100,000 signatures in Switzerland automatically triggers a referendum.

The Swiss better get their doners while they still can.

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