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Akira Manga Meets Enter the Void in an 8-Bit Dot Animated Music Video

French animator Mattis Dovier gives a violent taste of Korean nightlife in rap duo XXX’s latest music video, "Liquor."


Rick and Morty's Awesome Intro Gets 8-Bit-ified

Adult Swim got animator Paul Robertson to make video game-style 'Rick and Morty' intro that belongs at Blips N' Chitz.


'How to Be a Supermodel,' Today's Comic by Martin Lacko

Eight-bit fantasy women give up on their lofty ideals and become Instagram girls so quickly in this cool comic.


Glitched-Out Photo Manipulations Blur the 8-Bit World and Ours

The Sydney based artist creates grainy digital imagery to illustrate original sci-fi narratives.


Now You Can Commodore 64-ify Your Logo

New media artist Stijn Peeters resurrects the Commodore 64’s distinctive video game typography.


'Super Mario' and 'Legend of Zelda' in HoloLens Is Gaming's Potential Future

NES emulator developer Andrew Peterson showcases the latest footage of his ‘Super Mario Brothers’ port for HoloLens.


Meet 'Boltron,' the Old School Video Game That's Actually a Miniseries

This one's for the kids that grew up watching others play video games—and loved it.


'Trumptendo': All Your Favorite NES Games, Way Worse Hair

Classic Nintendo games modded to put the human Annoying Orange in his place.


How One Floppy Disk Turned an 18 Year Old From Devon Into a Video-Game Soundtrack Superstar

Despite failing his music O Level, Allister Brimble became one of the UK's most successful 8-bit producers.


When Pixel Art, Cyberpunk and Horror Collide [Premiere]

For Perturbator's "Sentient," Pixel art animator Valenberg creates a post-world future, where machines are persecuted by a cult of human supremacists.


Finally, 'Pong' Meets Mondrian

Ever wanted your 20th century art in 8-bit format?


This Artist Makes a New 8-Bit GIF Each Day

Ailadi draws inspiration from everyday life for her endless stream of GIFs.