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It's Going to Get Worse Before It Gets Better

Another mass shooting. Another presidential tantrum. Another white nationalist at the White House. And Robert Mueller in trouble.
Matt Taylor

‘Jack Ryan’ Introduces a New Archetype: The Guilty White Saviour

This trope will be haunting us for years to come.
Tari Ngangura
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Watch Jim Carrey School Americans On Canadian Healthcare

He made Bernie Sanders proud.
Manisha Krishnan

Inside the All-Women Training Camp Where Guns Are Sold As Empowerment

Hundreds of American women travelled to A Girl and A Gun conference in Texas to learn how to shoot in self-defence, protect their kids and fire machine guns from a helicopter.
Manisha Krishnan

Spike Lee's 'BlacKkKlansman' Mines the Past to Explain Our Racist Present

The film references 70s blaxploitation to tell the true story of a black cop who infiltrated the KKK.
Arimeta Diop

Becoming My Own Half-Asian Man

Zachary Schwartz details his experience grappling with masculinity and race as a young man with a white father and an Asian mother.
Zachary Schwartz
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America Is No Longer a Safe Country and We Should Say So

Canada has a responsibility to call out industrialised child abuse and defend the rights of asylum seekers.
Drew Brown
gun control

Three Gun Violence Scholars on What Is Missing From America’s Gun Control Debate

Academics of colour often find themselves on the sidelines when it comes to curbing America’s gun violence.
Jooyoung Lee
Joseph Richardson Jr.
Desmond Patton

Toxic Masculinity Is At the Heart of This Darkness

The two biggest massacres in the last 40 years of Canadian history have been explicitly linked to misogyny.
Drew Brown
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Patriot Allegedly Stole an Entire Beer Truck in Most American Heist Ever

Sadly, his wild beer run was short-lived.
River Donaghey

Tim Hetherington's Photos Are a Tender Look at Male Sexuality and War

Before he died in 2011, Tim Hetherington showed us intimate moments between soldiers on the front lines.
Miss Rosen
martin luther king jr.

The Strange, Tangled Web of Assassination Plots Against MLK

Before he was actually murdered, the civil rights legend was targeted for at least a decade by vile racists of all stripes, according to a new account.
Seth Ferranti