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Watch a Short Film Adam Curtis Made for VICE About Your Life

Here's 'Living in an Unreal World: A Film By Adam Curtis for Readers of VICE', featuring some of the footage from the documentarian's next BBC piece.


What It's Like to Do Prison Time Without Ever Being Convicted of a Crime

We spoke to Moazzam Begg, a British man caught in centre of the war on terror, and held for years in prisons around the world for no clear reason.


Here's a Rewind to East Coast Graffiti’s Halcyon Days

John Waters narrates a new documentary about the early East Coast writers that invented what became what we know as modern street art.


How I Came to Terms with My Dad’s Lies, Charm and Heroin Habit

Meet filmmaker Phillip Wood, who turned his lens onto his father to patch up their broken relationship and understand substance abuse disorders.


A New Documentary Shows What Life Is Actually Like for Refugees Coming to Europe

By giving an African refugee a camera, two filmmakers hoped to gain insight into the life of migrants from the perspective of migrants themselves. The result is the remarkable "Those Who Jump."


I Tried To Make a Film About North Korea and Fell Victim to Its Propaganda Machine

Director Álvaro Longoria on getting stuck in the country's information feedback loop, even with his all-access pass.


How Urban Gardening Can Save Black Communities in America

A new documentary shows how planting the seeds of social change begins with knowing where your food comes from.


The Struggle and Hustle of Trying to Sell a Documentary at Toronto's Hoc Docs Festival

Hot Docs is one of the most prestigious documentary film festivals in the world, which means that it's also a marketplace with millions of dollars at stake.


There's Finally a Documentary About Perpetual Presidential Candidate Vermin Supreme

Director Steve Onderick spent a year on the road with the last absurdist in American politics.


Watch the Trailer for 'Maurizio Cattelan: The Movie'

In "Maurizio Cattelan: The Movie," director Maura Axelrod provides a window into the life of the conceptual artist.


An Online Living History of “Los Sures” Grows In Brooklyn

Explore UnionDocs new transmedia documentary that premiered at the New York Film Festival.


These Glittering Mandalas Aren't Crystals—They're Microscopic Organisms

Klaus Klemp resurrected a dead Victorian artform to create these intricate, microscopic bio-mandalas.