Eric Garner


US Electoral Politics Are Still Bad, But Metal Is Still Good

The post-midterms glow isn't doing much for me, but Völur, Eye of Nix, and new tunes from Sarparast, Snot Goblin, Arête, and Bog Body sure are.


Janelle Monáe Performed “Hell You Talmbout” at the DC Women’s March

"We’re going to have a moment together where we’re listening and we are in tune."


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​Are the Feds Finally Going to Press Charges in the Eric Garner Case?

After more than two years and lots of internal squabbling, are the feds ready to charge the cop who placed Eric Garner in a fatal chokehold?


50 Artists Interrogate 25 Years of Police Brutality

'VIRAL: 25 Years from Rodney King' explores what's changed—and what hasn't—in the 25 years since the beating.


16-Second Video Artwork Sums Up Police Brutality

Sanford Biggers’ 'BAM' is a gripping tale of police violence against black bodies.


What Black History Month Means to Young Black Artists and Activists

As Black History Month comes to an end, we asked a group of young artists, activists, and writers for their take on the holiday and what—if anything—they do to honor it.


3 Photographers Expose Race in America c. 2016

Who gets to look at the camera? Who cannot look at the camera? 'Looking Through: Photography, Race, and Identity' explores these complexities.


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How One Designer Took On Police Brutality at Fashion Week

Pyer Moss’ blood-splattered SS16 collection puts police brutality front and center at New York Fashion Week.


Baltimore Is Expected to Pay Freddie Gray's Family $6.4 Million

The payout is set to be larger than the ones given to the families of either Eric Garner or Rodney King.


Can News of Police Violence Cause PTSD in the Black Community?

Recent studies claim that violence in the news can lead to PTSD for viewers, so we asked a psychology professor what kind of psychological harm police brutality may be causing the black community at large.