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5 days ago

Brexit Delays Are Fuelling a Dangerous Rage Among Britain's Far Right

"The whole thing has become so toxic, it sometimes feels like we’re on the verge of the Spanish Civil War."


This Right-Wing Party's Big Win in Poland Is Very Bad News for Liberal Democracy

Since coming to power in 2015, Law and Justice has implemented generous welfare programmes, which have proved popular with many voters.


Five Questions About… the Dutch Brexit Muppet!

I simply cannot believe this is the world we’ve built around us.


'Mr Handsome' Is Spain's New Prime Minister – Here's Everything You Need to Know

"We're going to sign a new page in the history of democracy in our country."


How Brexit Will Affect Your Phone Bill On European Holidays

Thanks to EU law, we're no longer charged a fortune for using our phones in Europe. Thanks to Brexit, that could all change.


What Will Happen in the Days, Weeks and Months After Brexit?

What actually happens next: a hypothetical story.


Relax, the EU Is Not About to Ban Döner Kebab

The döner will be spared... most likely.


Home Secretary Says Pret Must Stop Relying on European Staff

In a BBC interview, Amber Rudd said that the cafe chain should hire more British workers to fill staff shortages following Brexit.


What to Expect After Brexit Is Triggered

Today might be the beginning of the end of Britain as we know it.


Spain Appointed a Sex Commissioner to Get People Making Babies Again

The new government position is aimed at curbing the country's dropping birth rate, apparently.


The VICE UK Morning News Bulletin

Tony Blair returns, Donald Trump blusters, Robert De Niro disappoints, and much more.


What Will Happen to EU-Protected Food Names After Brexit?

Producers of Protected Designation of Origin foods like Cornish pasties and Melton Mowbray pork pies are worried the authenticity seal will be lost to Theresa May’s “hard” Brexit.