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People Tell Us How QAnon Destroyed Their Relationships

We spoke to people who told us how the QAnon conspiracy theory ruined their marriage, turned their parents into completely different people and generally made their lives miserable.
Mack Lamoureux
5 days ago
Tommy Robinson

The Bullshit Behind Tommy Robinson's Asylum Plea

Once again, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon is trying to turn himself into a martyr.
Simon Childs

Far-Right Activists Targeted a Vegan Cafe Assuming Antifa Were There

The owner of Cafe Frida tells VICE they were surprised they were targeted by the far-right because they don’t really take a stance politically.
Mack Lamoureux
Far-Right Extremism

Neo-Nazis on DeviantArt Radicalized a Woman Who Planned a Mass Shooting

The cutesy art site was the surprising birthplace for a number of players in the modern extreme-right movement.
Mack Lamoureux

Minds, the ‘Anti-Facebook,’ Has No Idea What to Do About All the Neo-Nazis

Minds is home to neo-Nazis, and wants its users to help decide what content stays on the site.
Ben Makuch
Jordan Pearson

A Popular YouTuber Read the Christchurch ‘Manifesto’ to Half a Million Subscribers

YouTube left the video online for over two days, allowing it to generate tens of thousands of views and spread to other channels.
Joseph Cox
true crime

The American Mafia Has Become an Unhinged Reality Show

The link between the killing of a Gambino mob boss and an apparently MAGA-loving QAnon suspect is part of a descent into postmodern chaos.
Alex Norcia

Accused New Zealand Shooter Had Canadian Mass Murderer’s Name On Weapon

Images show the names of numerous far-right figures on the weapons involved in the Christchurch mosque shooting, including Quebec mosque murderer Alexandre Bissonnette.
Mack Lamoureux
Hate Island

What the 'Yellow-Vest Tommy Robinson Wannabe' Did Next

James Goddard hit the headlines in January after shouting abuse at MPs, then quickly disappeared from the front pages. This is what he's up to now.
Tom Bennett
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Far-Right Provocateurs Don't Deserve the Redemption They're Being Offered

Last week, Tommy Robinson's former cameraman, Caolan Robertson, was given a remarkably soft interview as he tried to reinvent himself ahead of the release of his new documentary.
Simon Childs
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Tommy Robinson Is Trying to Go Legit

The ex-EDL leader is trying to marry street politics with an electoral project.
Simon Childs

My Mum Is a Far-Right Politician

A mother and daughter argue over their political beliefs.
Hinda Bluekens