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The 'Deeply Worrying' Far-Right Booklets Distributed at Tory Conference

The booklets, handed out at a conference fringe meeting, reference "the Great Replacement" and the anti-Semitic conspiracy theory "cultural Marxism".
Simon Childs
Decoding Extremism

How to Talk Someone Out of White Nationalism

The psychology student who helped convert the ideology's biggest young star told us exactly which arguments she used and how.
Allie Conti
Northern Ireland

The Mess in Northern Irish Politics Shows Where Far-Right Rhetoric Gets You

Ian Paisley Jr's cringing apology for breaking "paid advocacy" rules was no surprise to anyone familiar with the toxic politics of the DUP.
Odràn Waldron
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Watch Unite the Right Organiser Jason Kessler Get Owned by His Dad During a Livestream

"You get outta my room!"
Allie Conti
The British Dream

How Far-Right Rhetoric Became the New Normal

Our politics podcast looks at how racist dogwhistles and fascist apologia infiltrated the national conversation.
Simon Childs

'Unite the Right 2' Was an Incredible Self-Own for Racists

This wasn't hard to see coming.
Allie Conti
Hate Island

The Far-Right Attack On a Socialist Bookshop Was a Pathetic Prank Gone Wrong

It was so embarrassing, even the guy who organised it is trying to distance himself.
Simon Childs
Australia Today

Sky News Admits Interviewing a Hitler Fan Was 'Wrong'

Although the footage with Blair Cottrell has been removed from all of Sky's platforms, it's still available on nationalist sites.
Wendy Syfret
Far right

Tommy Robinson's Right-Hand Man: 'I Embrace the Label of Far-Right'

The ex-EDL leader's key backer denied links to the far-right on a BBC interview, but another prominent supporter told attendees at a recent "Free Tommy Rally" to "embrace" and "help change the perception" of the label.
Simon Childs
Far right

Tommy Robinson Leaves Jail a Far-Right Hero

His supporters won't be bothered that one of his convictions is still standing.
Simon Childs

'I'm Delighted for Britain' – the Tommy Robinson Supporters Celebrating His Bail

We spoke to Tommy's fans and critics outside the Royal Courts of Justice following a judge's announcement that the former EDL leader will be freed on bail.
Mattha Busby

The Creep of Fascism

How far-right rhetoric is becoming the new normal.
Simon Childs