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These Are the Best Video Games You Can Finish in an Afternoon

You're bumming about the house, with time to kill. So kill it by starting, and finishing, a great game in a single sitting.
Mike Diver
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Keeping It Human: The Story of Fullbright’s ‘Gone Home’ Success

The small Oregon team delivered a hit in 2013 with 'Gone Home', now available for consoles. We speak to studio founder Karla Zimonja.
Ed Smith
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What Is the Greatest Indie Game of the Modern Era?

Two of VICE Gaming's writers debate this question, and discuss indie games in general, for your enjoyment and/or imminent arguments.
Mike Diver and Jake Tucker
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Wherever I Lay My Nuka-Grenade: On Finding Home in Video Games

What does "home" really mean to you? In gaming it represents a host of different situations.
Ria Jenkins
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What Can Be Done About Gaming’s Culture of Distrust?

Developers have turned on journalists, who are apparently waging a war against gamers, so how can we make a brighter future for what we hold dear?
Mike Diver
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I Am Quite OK With Video Games That Play Themselves

Dreeps is a new iOS game that plays itself, which leads one to think: wouldn't it be wonderful if other, grind-heavy games could do this, too?
Mike Diver
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What Can ‘Call of Duty’ Do to Avoid Being Gaming’s Own Coldplay?

Safe, bland and formulaic, Call of Duty's a commercial heavyweight – but now its publisher is promising change for 2015.
Chris Schilling

Gamer’s Paradise: Gone Home Explores Intimate Storytelling

Thee Fullbright Company’s poignant exploration game Gone Home is up for an Excellence in Narrative award in this year’s Independent Game Festival.
Leigh Alexander