The LGBTQ Soldiers of Ukraine

Anton Shebetko's project aims to show just how much gay soldiers have sacrificed for their country.
Paweł Mączewski
Privacy and Perception Issue

The Affirming – But Bittersweet – Experience of Watching YouTube Coming-Out Videos

I expected the clips from LGBTQ vloggers to be too earnest and saccharine, but I fell down the wormhole anyway.
Amelia Abraham
Privacy and Perception Issue

How Being Radically, Unapologetically Open About Sex Freed Me

I spent a decade building a separate life as an A-grade dress-wearing, dick-sucking moral vagrant. Then I realised that the secrecy only served to deepen my shame.
Tom Rasmussen

Can the Russian World Cup Sponsors Call Themselves LGBTQ-Friendly?

Brands are, as ever, happy to pose as allies when it suits them, but some marketing opportunities are too rewarding to refuse.
Jake Hall

The Idyllic Restaurant Chain Owned by a Homophobic, Racist, Child-Beating Cult

They don't exactly advertise their beliefs on the menus.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Frat Bros Behind Racist Video Sue School for Jeopardising Their 'Success'

Five suspended Theta Tau brothers say the school is "branding them as racist" after their frat used slurs and mocked disabled people in offensive videos.
Drew Schwartz

Queer People Describe Their First Time in a Gay Club

"I realised that this was what freedom looked like."
VICE Staff
Angus Take House

Worst Take of the Week: 'Daily Mail' Homophobia vs A Very Bad Tweet

Two men having a baby? What is this? The 90s?
Angus Harrison

All the Horrible, Racist, Sexist Shit Your Relatives Say at Holiday Dinners

Read, cringe, and learn by example.
Mica Lemiski
Angus Take House

Worst Take of the Week: Richard Hammond vs Henry VIII

Hammo thinks gay people shouldn't bang on about being gay, and a UKIP MEP reckons the long-dead monarch should be heading up Brexit negotiations.
Angus Harrison
Westminster Sex Scandal

The Sun's Tory Sex List Is Tyrannical, Homophobic Trash

We can't allow genuine cases of abuse to be conflated with prudish sexual moralism.
Megan Nolan
Not Gay As in Happy

We Found an Old Student Paper Interview with Theresa May Discussing Her Views On 'Promoting Homosexuality'

The Prime Minister has since done a U-turn, but she felt very differently in 2001.
Michael Segalov