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Anti-Deportation Activists Are Blocking Coaches to Charter Flights

We watched Reclaim the Power members blockade the depot of a coach company that transports people due to be deported on charter flights.
Ben Charlie Smoke
Stansted 15

A Judge Said He Won't Jail the 'Stansted 15' Activists

Protesters gathered as anti-deportation protesters were sentenced today.
Mac Hackett
vice exclusive

The £25 Million Migrant Wage Gap Scandal

Migrants working for £1 per hour in detention centres feel they are being treated like "slaves". VICE data reveals just how much they have been underpaid.
Phil Miller
Race Politics

Racial Inequality Was at the Heart of 2017's Most Important Stories

Many of the year's biggest stories exposed ongoing discrimination in British society.
Leah Cowan
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The Government Can No Longer Deport Homeless Europeans

The Home Office policy of booting rough sleepers out was declared unlawful.
Simon Childs
vice exclusive

Theresa May's 'Anti-Slavery' Agenda Is About Deporting Migrants

Campaigners told VICE that government anti-migrant policing is creating "an exploitative employer's dream".
Simon Childs
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How the Government Creates Racist Hysteria to Create Racist Policies

"Ministers showcase their crackdown on problems they have invented themselves."
Simon Childs

Yarl's Wood Detention Centre Is at the Front Line of British State Racism

There was another protest to "shut it down" this weekend.
Simon Childs
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How the Home Office Is Turning Britain Into a Police State

Institutions from the NHS to education are now complicit in the deportation of migrants.
Sam Kriss
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Homeless Charities Are Helping Border Guards Deport Immigrants

Which doesn't sound all that charitable.
Simon Childs
NHS Crisis

The 'Health Tourism' Scare Is Dangerous Bullshit That's Bad for Your Health

It's a racist smoke-screen that puts everyone at risk.
Simon Childs
VICE Long Reads

No Tears Left to Cry: Being Deported Is a Distressing Nightmare

Hear the voices of the British people who were recently deported to Jamaica on a charter flight.
Luke de Noronha