The #Feds Want #You to #Reconsider the #InMyFeelings Challenge Because of #Safety

"Whether you are a #driver, #pilot, or #operator, focus on safely operating your vehicle," the National Transportation Safety Board wrote on Twitter.


This Is What VICE’s Interns Think of Video Games Released Before They Were Born

The Analogue Nt plays original NES and Famicom games in glorious HD. We plonked one in front of young people to see what they thought of it.


My Summer Interning for a Minor League Baseball Team in Tennessee

I interned for a Minor League Baseball team because I wanted to work work for a Major League Baseball team. I thought I'd be crunching numbers like Jonah Hill, but instead I lived with an alleged child molester and worked with a drunk little person.


I Interned for Pauly Shore (and It Really Sucked)

He is a massive asshole.


Photographer Bobby Doherty Is Doing Pretty Well for a Former VICE Intern

Look at these new photographs he sent us.


I Got Our Interns to Humiliate Each Other for Halloween

It involved a lot of semen and something called a shit fairy.


Interns: Don't Bother Uniting, You Have No Chains to Lose

And stop demanding what is not rightfully yours: a workingman’s wage.


Amphetamine Logic: Bloodsuckers and Condé Nast-ys

Work is tough when you're hanging out with sociopaths and addicts all night.


Do You Like Our Intern's Alan Partridge Tattoo?

Two young men on a voyage of self-discovery.