Angus Take House

Worst Take of the Week: Boogie Woogie PM vs Juventus Launch Ronaldo Defence

Two stunningly bad hot takes to bring the week to a close.
Angus Harrison
football hooligans

How Political Violence Invaded Italian Football

Since the 1960s, Italian ultras have been all about fascism, communism and throwing Fiat 500s at the enemy.
Nicola Ventura
Champions League

A Champions League Trophy, the Final Repair to Gianluigi Buffon’s Kintsugi Career

Though no career is perfect, Buffon's comes close. One trophy has eluded him, however, leaving timeworn cracks in his time at Juventus.
Will Sharp
shameless imitation

A Celebration of Football's Greatest Copycat Clubs

​Originality is overrated. These are some of football's most famous copycat clubs from across the globe.
Jim Weeks
Hell Hath No Fury

The Cult: Pavel Nedved

Having made his breakout at Euro 96, Pavel Nedved’s blond mop became an iconic feature of Serie A. He was fiercely loyal to Juventus and his own intense brand of football, and for that we induct him into The Cult.
Will Magee
arsenal's invincibles in serie a

Remembering The Failed Serie A Careers Of Arsenal’s Invincibles Generation

Before they were winning titles and going a season unbeaten at Arsenal, Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira were struggling in Italy. Here’s how they shook off their Serie A woes to become icons of the Premier League.
Will Magee
davids shaking shit up in suburbia

Remembering The Surreal Debacle That Was Edgar Davids’ Time at Barnet

In 2012, Edgar Davids made the curious decision to manage Barnet. Two years later, his surreal, frustrating and ill-fated reign had come to a close, even if many of us wanted more.
Will Magee
the pitbull

The Cult: Edgar Davids

Edgar Davids was an all-action defensive midfielder who spoke his mind, didn't take any shit, and became an icon in wraparound goggles. For his attitude, his football and his tinted shades, he earns a spot in The Cult.
Jay Ramanee-Murphy
y ddraig

The Gentle Giant: Remembering Welsh Football Legend John Charles

John Charles' goalscoring prowess in Yorkshire and Turin made him an icon of European football – and perhaps the greatest player to emerge from Wales.
Scott Salter

Remembering a Teenage Gianluigi Buffon's International Debut

Gianluigi Buffon made his international debut for Italy in 1997. More than 160 caps and a World Cup later, he's still the Azzurri's numero uno.
Jim Weeks
the goalie has got football pie all over his shirt

Shelvey, Pato, Pol Lirola: Vice Sports UK Goals of the Week

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s some extremely shareable content, centred on some fantastic goals!
UK Sports Staff
faded potential

Squandered Talent, Bygone Youth: The Salutary Tale of Nicklas Bendtner

Nicklas Bendtner once held ambitions to be amongst the greatest strikers in the world. Now, he could be on his way to Nottingham Forest. So where did it all go wrong?
Will Magee