The FBI Just Arrested a U.S. Army Soldier Who Allegedly Plotted to Bomb a Major News Network

"This is a Middle East style bomb," he allegedly wrote to an undercover agent.


US Military Urgently Seeking Enormous Underground Complex for Undisclosed Experiments

DARPA says it needs to find a "complex underground environment spanning several city blocks" within the next 48 hours.


Burmese Parents Are Holding Fake Funerals to Keep Their Children Safe

These families will do anything to prevent their children from being recruited by the country’s rebel groups.


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Understanding Britain's No Deal Nihilists

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A Top-Secret US Military Base Will Melt Out of the Greenland Ice Sheet

Planners thought it would stay buried in ice forever.


The US Army Somehow Thought This Rap Recruitment Video Was a Good Idea

"Uniform: paid for. Electric bill: paid for. Water bill: paid for."


The LGBTQ Soldiers of Ukraine

Anton Shebetko's project aims to show just how much gay soldiers have sacrificed for their country.


How Cake Became a Form of Resistance Under Brazil’s Military Dictatorship

Seeking a way to evade government censors during the military regime that took power in 1964, journalists inserted subversive cake recipes into the pages of Brazil’s national newspapers.


People Told Us the Weirdest Ways They've Avoided Conscription

"I spent months gorging on as much fast food as possible. I added mayo to everything I ate, and even had it on its own as a snack between meals."


Photos of the Forgotten Island That Defended America During the Cold War

Once home to 5,000 military personal, the base on Adak Island is now rusting into the wind.


Member of a Neo-Nazi Terror Group Appears To Be Former Canadian Soldier

Using sources and hidden chat networks, VICE has traced the code name of an Atomwaffen member to Brandon Cameron, a former Nova Scotia soldier.