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Finish Him: Remembering Fighting Games’ Fatalities Arms Race

We look back at the Mortal Kombat wannabes with two games industry veterans from the blood-soaked early 1990s.


Why 2006’s ‘Urban Chaos: Riot Response’ is 2016’s Most Relevant Police Video Game

We speak to one of the makers of Rocksteady's pre-Arkham game, which cast the player as a police officer using maximum force to get the job done.


In Conversation with the King of Game Boy ‘Tetris’

You won't know Uli Horner. He's no eSports star like Faker or xPeke. But he's a world record holder on the world's biggest-selling game, 'Tetris'.


A Decade Later, the Original ‘Gears of War’ Demands to Be Called a Classic

Oh, it's just a grey, bro-dude shooter. Wrong. Epic's original Gears was a massively influential masterpiece of action game design.


Playing ‘God Hand’ Ten Years Too Late Is Both Fascinating and Uncomfortable

Clover's final game is celebrating a decade of cult acclaim – but played today, its unusual controls and cast of characters are considerable obstacles.


Meeting the Winners of ‘Knightmare’, the ‘Dark Souls’ of Children’s TV

If you loved fantasy and video games in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Knightmare was your show. We spoke to two of its rare winners.


How Duke Nukem Can Be Saved for the 21st Century

A misogynistic piece of trash best left in the past? Not quite. Duke's got his problems, but he's a gaming icon who deserves a new start.


Twenty Years Later, ‘Die Hard Trilogy’ Shows Us How Video Games Can ‘Do Movies’ Right

Film tie-in games have a reputation for being, mostly, terrible. But Probe's 1996 title was a wonderful, inspirational exception.


I’ll Never Love Another Console Like I Loved The Nintendo GameCube

It didn't sell as strongly as the N64 or the Wii, but for many, the GameCube was its maker's most essential system.


It’s Remembered for Its Action, But ‘Resident Evil 4’ Was a Superbly Scripted Video Game

RE4 was outstanding of visuals, sound and set-piece variety – but more than that, it was a fantastic example of video game writing.


Braving the Terrible World of TV Tie-In Video Games

Cheap but so far from cheerful, the years have given us some truly awful games based on TV shows.


The ‘Sensible Soccer’ World Cup Is an eSport Event Like No Other

No big stadiums and lavish cash prizes here. These devoted fans use their love of a retro classic and a desire to connect with others as a way of kindling their passions.