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Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas Turn Shura’s “Nothing’s Real” Into an Existential Disco Track

The pair put their touch on the title track of the English singer’s debut album.
Krystal Rodriguez
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In The Moment - With Shura

Noisey sat down with Shura to talk about her relationship with her own anxiety and awkwardness, and why she believes those things are an important part of her life.
Noisey Staff

"I Was Never Interested in Hiding My Sexuality": Exploring Shura's Teen Crush Triumph

With her debut record, Nothing's Real, the young British artist has become something of a Madonna for millennials, breathing some much needed self-awareness and awkwardness into pop's classic love song formula.
Daisy Jones
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Tegan and Sara Share Four Club-Ready Remixes of "Boyfriend"

Shura, Robokid, Gilligan Moss, and Alex Ghenea take turns reinventing the Canadian pop duo's latest single.
Alexander Iadarola
Holy Shit

Shura’s New Track “What’s It Gonna Be?” Sounds Exactly Like Having a Huge Crush on Someone

The track comes ahead of her highly anticipated debut album ‘Nothing’s Real’.
Daisy Jones
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Four Tet Remixes Pop Star Shura's "Touch" Into an Infectious Dance Floor Banger

"Touch" is a single from the UK alt-pop artist's forthcoming debut album.
Michael Scott Barron
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Grime Fans, Get Yourself to This Year's Great Escape Festival

This year's sea'n'bands event has booked everyone from Mura Masa and Shura to Elf Kid and D Double E, meaning there's something for everyone.
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The Reactions to That Madonna Kiss Back up Shitty Ageist Misconceptions About How Men Mature but Women Decay

You won’t find Pharrell (42), Jay Z (45), David Guetta (47), Brian Ferry (69), or Keith Richards (71) kicking up a stink about age discrimination.
Moya Lothian-McLean
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The Best Music That Came Out of the United Kingdom in March 2015 All On One Webpage

Free from the womb of the previous year and the messy amniotic fluid of winter, March is the month when the year starts to pick up its legs and walk on its own.
Ryan Bassil
International Women's Day 2016

Annie Mac on Why British TV Desperately Needs Better Music Shows

The Word, Popworld and CD:UK are now just vaguely lol memories, historicised as low resolution clips on Daily Motion.
Joe Zadeh

The Music Scene in Britain is Amazing; You’re Just Looking in the Wrong Place

The capital is harnessing a whole new generation of talent.
Ryan Bassil
The Best Thing That We Heard on Soundcloud This Week…

Shura’s “Touch” Broke My Heart and Stuck it Back Together With Sellotape

"I only need you to be French with me".
Ryan Bassil