The CIA Will Use its New Dark Web Site to Collect Anonymous Tips

The intelligence agency is stoked about its new Onion site on the dark web: "Our onion site is one of several ways individuals can contact the CIA."
Ben Makuch
Vice Guide to Right Now

Someone in China Built a Creepy Database of 1.8 Million Women and Their 'Breedready' Status

It's unknown who compiled the list or how, but it includes everything from phone numbers to marital status.
Edoardo Liotta

Pre-Crime Policing Is Closer Than You Think, and It's Freaking People Out

Hartford is embracing a sophisticated surveillance apparatus that some civil liberties advocates and residents fear marks an ominous trend.
Eoin Higgins
Internet Insecurity

The Motherboard Guide to Using Facebook Safely

You might not be able to afford the privilege of deleting Facebook, or you just kinda want to be able to keep tabs on your friends. If that’s the case, here’s how to use Facebook in the safest way possible.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Even with Increased Surveillance, There Is More of This to Come

Experts say we'll see at least another 15 years of attacks on European soil, and that – in the grand scheme of things – there's little authorities can do.
Aris Roussinos

Why the Latest Leak Linking Trump to Russia Is So Shocking

A Trump foreign policy advisor was spied on by the feds last summer, and even though he hasn't been charged, everyone knows his name.
Marcy Wheeler

Hey, It's a Problem America's President Believes Things That Aren't True

Donald Trump's allegation that Obama wiretapped his phone is just the latest in a series of nearly nonsensical claims that have real consequences.
Harry Cheadle

Confuse Facebook's Algorithms with the 'Go Rando' Web Extension

Artist Ben Grosser has built an app that lets you obfuscate your likes in the face of Facebook’s all-seeing algorithms.
Kevin Holmes

Did the FBI Spy on This Black Muslim After 9/11 Because His Dad Was Linked to Malcolm X?

Critics say the case raises serious questions about how the government treats radicals of all stripes.
Erin Corbett, Arun Kundnani, and Anevay Aponi Zapata

#Poolswiping: One Woman's Quest to Make Sneaking into Hotel Pools Go Viral

When Dutch graphic designer and digital artist Valerie van Zuijlen got bored on vacation, she decided to engineer her way into 18 exclusive Miami hotel pools.
DJ Pangburn
barack obama

Judging Obama's Progressive, Flawed, Conflicting Legacy

As a candidate, Barack Obama was a hero to liberals. As a president, he was often their target.
Harry Cheadle

All the Ways You’re Going to be Watched in 2017

Spies, police and companies will all have new powers to snoop on you – so how bad could it get in the year ahead?
Joseph Cox