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Meet the Artist Pickling Film In Tear Gas Remedies

Basim Magdy's colorful oeuvere of various mediums hints at a complex future.


New Banksy Mural Lampoons 'Les Miserables' for Refugees

The street art activist references the iconic play in criticism of French authorities teargassing and bulldozing refugee camps in Calais.


Riots Marked the 7th Anniversary of Alexandros Grigoropoulos' Death in Athens Last Night

Since December 2008, annual demonstrations are held in Greece to commemorate the teen's killing and protest police violence. Ironically, the protests often culminate in clashes between demonstrators and police.


Riots Broke Out at the Greek-Macedonian Border After a Migrant Died of Electric Shock

Unrest has been noted both between Macedonian border police and the so called "financial migrants", as well as between those migrants and a host of refugees fleeing the war in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.


In Photos: Milan's May Day 'No Expo' Riots

Milan was set alight on Labour Day as police clashed with black bloc protesters demonstrating against Expo 2015.


Greece Exploded in Riots Again This Weekend

Little seems to have changed since December 2008, when Alexandros Grigoropoulos was murdered by a police officer in Athens.


Greek Anarchists Set Athens on Fire in Solidarity with a Hunger Striker on Tuesday Night

Thousands marched in support of an imprisoned anarchist bank robber.


Photos from Last Night in Ferguson

Last night we witnessed ​another wave of demonstrations ​around the country inspired by the Ferguson grand jury's decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson for shooting Michael Brown.


Greek Cops on Motorbikes Fought with Protesters on Monday Night

They used teargas and batons, and two VICE journalists got attacked.


Greece's Anti-Fascist Uprising

VICE News travelled to Greece to see how the Golden Dawn arrests have affected Greece's anti-fascist movement.


There’s No Such Thing as a 'Non-Lethal' Weapon

It's a misleading label for potentially deadly devices.


The World Cup Is Like Fashion Week for Brazil's Security Industry

I spoke to professor Anna Feigenbaum about riot control style through the ages.