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3 hours ago

A Scientist Created 'Gravity Crystals' to Simulate Dead Stars on Earth

Physicist Alexander Bataller recreated exotic cosmic phenomena on Earth using household materials.

4 days ago

The Movement to Boycott 'The Sun' Is Bigger Than Ever

Through unions, councils, consumer campaigns and football fan activism, nationwide efforts to "boycott The Sun" continue to roll on.


Worst Hot Take of the Week: 'Mugabe' Is the Same as Boris Johnson Trying to 'Take Back Control'

In a week of tropical takes, it was between this and tabloid journalists door stopping Jeremy Corbyn with a size 20 blouse.


Scientists Built a Tiny Version of the Sun in Wisconsin

What we can learn about our star by using the "Big Red Ball".


Olly Murs Has a Black Friday London Terror Scare Conspiracy Theory

He told 'The Sun' that the real events of 24 November, when a terrorism false alarm rang through London, may have been "covered up."


'The Sun' Has Really Outdone Itself with That Frankenstein Article

Bloody snowflakes, understanding the central themes of a book.


The Right-Wing Press Is Scrambling to Defend Its 'Corbyn-Spy' Bullshit

Today, the Mail published an article "that PROVES Labour can't just dismiss 80s spy as a fantasist". In fact, it does the exact opposite.


How 'Daily Mail' Readers Are Reacting to the News an Early Brit Was Black

"More propaganda from the lunatic left."


How 'Freemasons' Reacted to the 'Freemasons in Westminster' News

"The reptile house is rotten to the core."


The Sun's Tory Sex List Is Tyrannical, Homophobic Trash

We can't allow genuine cases of abuse to be conflated with prudish sexual moralism.


Worst Hot Take of the Week: Jim Davidson Vs Political Editor of 'The Sun'

Both are full of shit, but which is fuller?