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Photos of Life in Paris’ Tower Blocks – Minus the Clichés

We spoke to Jean-Michel Landon, a social worker-turned-photographer, who captures life in the outskirts of Paris.
Louis Dabir
4 days ago

Cheap Whites: Inside Berlin's Cigarette Black Market

For years Vietnamese gangs have dominated the black market for cigarettes, which is more profitable than drug trafficking. Now, Syrian gangs are pushing their way onto the scene.
Tim Geyer
5 days ago
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The Blood-Stained Reality of Being a Crime-Scene Cleaner

"After someone has been decomposing for five months, there's not that much for the police to remove. This man had turned into soup."
Gwen van der Zwan

How to Photograph a War When You're Not a War Photographer

Joey Lawrence normally photographs celebrities or tight communities around the world. This time round, he met the Kurds battling ISIS.
Pierre Longeray

This Toy Store Handed Out a Million Fidget Spinners for Free

Thousands of kids turned up at a parking lot to pick one up.
Tim Fraanje

The Migrant Children Trapped on a Tiny Piece of Europe in Morocco

Mohammed is stuck in Melilla. He can't go back to his parents in Morocco, but he can't get further into Europe either.
Laura J. Varo
Between Europe's Borders

What It’s Like to Run a Tiny Country When You're 27

Two young leaders from San Marino and Andorra on why they decided to go into national politics, in micro-states as populated as small cities.
Jeffrey Zani
Between Europe's Borders

Why Political Prisoners from Spain Seek Asylum in Belgium

For decades, Belgium has quietly offered an escape for activists considered enemies of the Spanish state. Here's how.
Arkasha Keysers
Between Europe's Borders

The Story of a Fake Country that Created a Real Political Movement

What had started out as an innocent meme mocking the 2017 struggle for independence in Catalonia ended up deeply dividing Spain.
Juan Soto-Ivars
Between Europe's Borders

You Can Party Until Last Orders on a Nordic Commuter Ferry

On a 20-minute journey between Sweden and Denmark, people from both sides come together to drink and dance (to ABBA, naturally).
Anders Højberg Kamp
Between Europe's Borders

Life in the Last Capital City Still Split by a Border Zone

For decades, a hard border has divided Greek Cyprus and Turkish Cyprus, through Nicosia. One photographer spoke to those on both sides.
Marcos Andronicou
Between Europe's Borders

Gibraltar’s Youth Fear Brexit Closing Them Off from the World

Brexit has rekindled one of the worst periods of the Rock’s recent history: the closing of the fence that separates Gibraltar from their neighbours in Spain.
Pepe Barahona