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10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Border Official

"I once found a dildo that was as long as my forearm in an old lady's house. At first, I thought it was a baseball bat."
Helen Knack

People Tell Us the Most Ridiculous Ways They've Lost Drugs

"After a night out, I went back to my parents' house in a pretty bad state. While getting my keys out, I dropped my weed on the stairs just outside the front door. My mum found it hours later."
Ana Iris Simón

Unearthed Photos of Paris' Trans Community in the 1970s

Photographer Jane Evelyn Atwood's latest book helps to rediscover Paris' energetic Pigalle district.
Louis Dabir
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How Young People in Romania Won a Referendum By Not Voting

Doing nothing isn't always an effective strategy when you want to stop the government from doing something hateful, but last weekend, it worked out.
Ștefania Matache

People Show Us the Outfits They Wore to Dump Their Ex

"I saw the breakup as more of a business meeting. I planned it like that and fixed myself up accordingly."
Ana Jakšić

Photos from a European Medieval Knights Festival

We spent a weekend in a small Serbian town, watching men fight in medieval armour.
Srđan Veljović

We Tested £50 and £60 Coke to See If Price Makes a Difference

An investigation.
Eric van den Berg

A Day With a Homeless Family

In May, Alva and her three kids were kicked out of their home. Now, they're part of the group of 37,000 homeless people in emergency accommodation in Berlin.
Christina Hertel
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How to Sleep Properly at University

We asked several specialists how to get through uni on a minimal amount of sleep.
Charlotte Simons

10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Medium

"After the spirit left my body, my tutor told me that the spirit was Albert Einstein himself, and that he had spoken through me for seven to ten minutes straight."
Madalena Maltez
university guide 2018

What It's Like Being a Child Genius at University

Bastian Eichenberger was 14 when he enrolled, Vittorio Hösle was 17. They were child prodigies, but looking back, was going to uni at such a young age a good idea?
Baran Datli

Athletic Women Talk About the Abuse They Receive

"I've been called a man and a bull, and told that no guy will ever want to go out with me."
Alba Carreres