How to Photograph a War When You're Not a War Photographer

Joey Lawrence normally photographs celebrities or tight communities around the world. This time round, he met the Kurds battling ISIS.
Pierre Longeray

Will We Go to War with Iran?

We spoke to five experts for their thoughts.
Will Worley
ukrainian war

'People Live Here': How Ukrainians Are Trying to Survive the War

Albert Lores' photos capture the lives of people who have been forced to paint messages on their doors to avoid being bombed.
Albert Lores
yemen war

Yemeni Photographers Show the Horrors of the Country's Civil War

The five-year conflict has left 80 percent of the population in desperate need.
VICE Staff

The Stories You Lose When Your Refugee Family Splits Itself Up

After her entire family fled Iraq, my grandmother stayed behind because she didn't want to give up on the country she loves.
Sona Boker
Clive Martin's Civil War

Understanding Britain's No Deal Nihilists

As the facts, figures and warnings gather pace, these Leave ultras want to crash out of Europe with no deal more than ever.
Clive Martin

Inside the Dangerous Life of a Female 'Fixer' in Iraq

"My mum, when she’s asking me when will I get married... I tell her, ‘Find me someone as strong as me and I will marry them, I promise.’”
Rebecca Gibian
International Women's Day 2019

How Pakistani Women are Using IWD to Push for Peace with India

With International Women's Day falling amid threats of war, anti-violence themes have become a prominent part of equality demonstrations.
Sabrina Toppa

The US Army Somehow Thought This Rap Recruitment Video Was a Good Idea

"Uniform: paid for. Electric bill: paid for. Water bill: paid for."
Justin Caffier
syrian war

How Syrians Are Rebuilding the Monuments Destroyed By ISIS

A French restoration company is working with locals to restore their most important cultural artefacts.
Pierre Longeray
Views My Own

Trump Will Only Listen to 'Experts' if It Means Letting Americans Die in War

On Afghanistan, Trump's gut instincts may have been right – but somehow, it's the only subject on which he defers to the establishment.
Harry Cheadle

Finally, a Book About Nazi Soldiers Taking a Shit

Erik Kessels' new work is a collection of photos from WWII depicting German soldiers caught in a very vulnerable act.
VICE Staff