'Rick and Morty' Season Four Is Up in the Air, Says Dan Harmon

The co-creator is waiting for Adult Swim to order new episodes just like the rest of us.
March 19, 2018, 4:02pm
Photo of Dan Harmon via Getty by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic. Rick and Morty screenshot via Adult Swim.

Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon confirmed in a Friday tweet that he hasn't been writing new episodes for Adult Swim's most popular show in part because the network hasn't ordered any yet.

"It can be challenging... to write a show that hasn’t been ordered by a network," he wrote in response to one of many belligerent tweets about the fate of the fourth season.

The show already warned viewers that season four likely wouldn't be ready for "a really long time," and one Rick and Morty writer said we'd probably have to wait until 2019. The writer, Ryan Ridley, also suggested that the 18-month gap between season two and season three was because Harmon, co-creator Justin Roiland, and Adult Swim "didn't get their shit together."

For his part, Harmon said that season three took forever because he didn't want it to be worse than seasons one and two. But this time around, it seems like he's anxiously waiting for Adult Swim to renew the show just like the rest of us.

VICE reached out to Adult Swim for comment and will update this story accordingly. If the Turner-owned TV network isn't interested in making more episodes of Rick and Morty, fans have an idea for what Harmon and Roiland could do about it:

With the show in limbo, Rick and Morty have popped up at Deadmau5 shows and in a Run the Jewels music video, but we're really hoping the last time we see the iconic duo won't be in some rapper's album announcement.

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