Meet the Woman Amplifying Black Voices in Tech

Sherrell Dorsey launched The PLUG, a platform for new ideas and voices in the tech industry, in 2016.

Jul 9 2018, 5:24pm

Image: courtesy of Sherrell Dorsey

In 2016, journalist and entrepreneur Sherrell Dorsey launched The PLUG, a daily newsletter that highlights people of color in tech. Through profiles, features, and news articles, Dorsey's venture challenges the Silicon Valley status quo, serving as a platform for new ideas and voices. Dorsey is also involved with boosting a nascent and diverse tech industry in Charlotte, North Carolina, and helping fund new projects by black founders.

In conjunction to Motherboard's new partnership with The PLUG, Dorsey stopped by our studio to talk about the challenges that people of color face in tech, and what she's hoping to accomplish with her platform.

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