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Get in the Van with Tiny Moving Parts' New Video for "Sundress"

Why play with anyone that's not your friend?

by John Hill
Jun 1 2015, 1:29pm

Depending on who you're hanging out with, tour can be hell or it can be the the most fun you've ever had in your life. Maybe sometimes both. But really, you're better off considering who you want to be crammed in a very small space with for a long period of time. Inevitably you're all going to smell really fucking bad, so you can take that qualification off of your list of potential qualities for a van-mate. What you should consider are things like, is every trip to Wal-Mart we take going to be some passive-aggressive hell where you find your bass player sighing at anything you sarcastically imply you're going to purchase? Hopefully not. If only you could clone Tiny Moving Parts and make them into your perma-band.

Tiny Moving Parts is a band from Minnesota that play upbeat, quirky rock that juxtaposes itself at times with its lyrical content. Their new video for "Sundress" shows the band playing a variety of tours across the country, and making the best of any place they happen to find themselves. From stomping around the stage in front of huge crowds of screaming kids, to funneling beer and throwing down in a motel pool, it's something that makes you want to take your friends in a van and go see some sights. In a song that deals with being removed from the joys and memories in high school, a band touring the country and meeting new people along the way can be the best solution to it all.

Watch the video below, and pick up their new record Pleasent Living right here.

Tour Dates:
7/16 Worcester, MA - The Palladium
7/17 Danbury, CT - Heirloom Arts Theatre
7/18 Clifton Park, NY - Upstate Concert Hall
7/19 Buffalo, NY - Waiting Room
7/21 Pittsburgh, PA - The Altar Bar
7/24 Freehold, NJ - GameChangerWorld
7/25 Baltimore, MD - Baltimore Soundstage
7/26 Richmond, VA - The Broadberry
7/28 Greensboro, NC - Greene Street Club
7/30 Nashville, TN - Rockettown
7/31 Columbus, OH - Woodlands Tavern
8/1 Toledo, OH - Frankie’s
8/2 Chicago, IL - Bottom Lounge

John Hill throws up in any vehicle if he's in one for more than an hour. Follow him on Twitter @JohnxHill