Watch Nic Cage Lose His Goddamn Mind in the Bonkers Trailer for 'Mandy'

We've got Nic Cage, a deranged cult, lots of blood, ATVs, and a tiger. What more do you want from a movie?

by River Donaghey
Jun 27 2018, 6:40pm

Right when you thought Nicolas Cage was done losing his shit, yelling about "the bees" and alphabetical filing etiquette, RLJE Films dropped a trailer for Mandy, a film that finds Cage back in familiar unhinged territory.

Just about everyone who's seen Mandy, says that it is completely, absolutely, unquestionably bonkers. IndieWire called it a "stunning dose of psychedelia and derangement" after the film premiered at Sundance, and Hollywood Reporter said the "half dread-soaked psychotropic horror film, half subhuman bloody revenge flick" was one of "the midnight-iest Midnight entries" to ever hit the festival.

The plot of Mandy is simple enough: boy meets girl, boy loses girl to deranged cult, boy goes on blood-soaked rampage to get girl back. From there, it's hard to tell exactly what is happening: There's a cult leader giving off some weird Voldemort vibes, there's a trippy cartoon sequence, a tiger escapes from a cage at one point, there's a whole lot of blood, and a legion of Mad Max-looking motherfuckers tear around on ATVs. And in the middle of it all, a very angry Nic Cage somehow manages to go more Nic Cage than he has ever gone before. What more do you want from a movie?

Mandy is the second film from director Panos Cosmatos, the guy who made 2010's equally batshit Beyond the Black Rainbow. The thing is due out September 14 via RLJE, so start preparing your bloody Nic-Cage-with-a-chainsaw Halloween costumes now.

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