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Shockingly Few Americans Know Much About the Latest Trump Sexual Assault Allegation

E. Jean Carroll’s allegations have gotten relatively scant attention in the media.
Carter Sherman
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Man Accused of Groping Woman on Flight Said Trump 'Says It's OK'

So much for Trump's 'Access Hollywood' tape being a harmless bit of "locker room banter."
Drew Schwartz

VICELAND Is Sending Tom Arnold on a Hunt for More Trump Tapes

The show will send the actor to investigate more rumored recordings, from racy 'Apprentice' outtakes to the coveted "pee tape."
VICE Staff
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Donald Trump's highly abnormal presidency: the week of Dec. 4

The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump lawyer makes Flynn saga even worse, Billy Bush confirms Trump said infamous "grab them" remark about women, Met Opera conductor suspended following abuse allegations, and more.
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'Access Hollywood' Reminded Everyone That, Yeah, the Trump Tape Is Real

"He said every one of those words."
River Donaghey
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This one insane day changed the course of U.S. politics forever

Alex Lubben
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Billy Bush Wants to Come Back on TV if Anyone Will Have Him

The former 'Access Hollywood' host says he sees "glaring" irony in the fact that Trump is president now.
Lauren Messman
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Trump learned how hard committing voter fraud actually is in this 2004 clip

Olivia Becker
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Melania Dismissed Trump's Comments as 'Boy Talk'

She also blamed "the opposition" for Trump's latest string of sexual assault allegations.
Lauren Messman
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Some People Were Pretty Pissed They Had to Hear the Word 'Pussy' on TV Last Weekend

Most of the complaints came from concerned parents, since the FCC is obviously to blame in this situation, right?
VICE Staff
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Fast Food Restaurants Are Also Full of Sexist 'Locker Room Talk'

This study makes fast food joints sound more like a ride on the 'Access Hollywood' bus with Trump than a nice place to eat burgers with your family.
Nick Rose