Eating Disorders

There's an Urgent Need For Better Anorexia Treatments

For more than half of those afflicted, the disorder can last several decades.
Stuart Murray
My First Time

What It's Like Having Sex While in Recovery from an Eating Disorder

After Laura Hearn left a residential treatment facility for an eating disorder, she didn't just need to reset her relationship with food: she had to learn how to exist as a sexual being in the world.
Laura Hearn

This Is What it's Like to Have the World's Most Deadly Eating Disorder

For one teen, the turning point came when her heart stopped beating for half a minute.
Amy Mackinnon
Eating Disorders

How to Be a Good Partner to Someone With an Eating Disorder

It can be hard to strike a balance between being helpful and being the food police.
Melissa Meinzer

'A Twisted Comparison Game': How Fitness Apps Exacerbate Eating Disorders

Apps like step trackers and calorie counters are meant to help users stay healthy. But for those who suffer from eating disorders, these technologies are ripe for misuse.
Lauren Sharkey

MDMA Could Help Treat Eating Disorders

Ironic, given that people used to use it as an anorexia aid.
Natasha Preskey

This Is What It's Like to be Pregnant and Anorexic

Just because you're terrified of gaining weight doesn't mean you don't want to be a mom.
Adriana Ivanova
Living With It

Recovering From an Eating Disorder Can be More Complicated Than Going Sober

“It’s easy to say, ‘I’m not going to drink or take Xanax.’ But you still have to eat.”
Melissa Meinzer
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This Is What It's Like to Be a Drunkorexic

The term refers to the practice of eating less so you can drink more.
Melissa Meinzer
Living With It

I Stopped Bingeing and Purging When I Became a Vegan

"Arresting my bulimia took making a radical and mindful change in what I did and didn't eat."
Melissa Meinzer

How to Make Good TV About Eating Disorders, According to Survivors

In the wake of Netflix's "To the Bone" and the new BBC3 series "Overshadowed," women with EDs tell us how they want pop culture to portray their illness.
Kate Leaver
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You May Not Ever Fully Recover From an Eating Disorder

I don't meet the clinical definition anymore, but my relationship with food is still fraught.
Michelle Malia