Pro-Trump Group Ambushed AOC's Town Hall With a Lady Who Screamed About 'Eating Babies'

The LaRouche PAC took credit for the Jonathan Swift-style trolling.


Here's AOC's Massive Plan to Address Poverty in America

2 of the bills in her package would keep the government from denying welfare benefits based on someone's criminal history or their immigration status.


Republican Attack Ad Burns AOC and Compares Her to the Khmer Rouge

The Democratic congresswoman called it a "love letter to the GOP's white supremacist cause."


AOC Just Pissed Off a Bunch of First Amendment Scholars

The New York Democrat is having none of it.


AOC Rips Mitch McConnell for Photo of Young Men "Groping and Choking" a Cutout of Her

"Are you paying for young men to practice groping & choking members of Congress w/ your payroll?"


Nancy Pelosi Wants You to Believe She and AOC Never Had Beef

“Does your family always agree on everything?” she asked.


The Cop Who Said AOC “Needs A Round” Just Got Fired

Chief Arthur Lawson reportedly fired the 14-year veteran of the force and another officer who "liked" the threatening post


A Louisiana Cop Said AOC “Needs a Round”

The officer reportedly had just completed social media training


AOC to DHS Secretary: “Did You See the Photoshopped Images of My Violent Rape?”

The images are among a trove of offensive posts in the secret Facebook group of Border Patrol staff


Trump's Approval Among Republicans Went Up After His Racist Tweets

The country as a whole thinks they're awful, but his approval ratings in his own party went up this week.


Trump Is Now Calling “The Squad” “Pro Terrorist” in Yet Another Racist Tweet

It's day three of Trump's ongoing attack on congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib.


This Is Who Sells Those Crappy Shampoo Packets AOC Found in Migrant Detention

The Bob Barker Company was once accused of profiting off sweatshop labor, among other strange and disturbing episodes in its past.