Surreal Photos of California's Impossible Landscapes

Jim Heimann's latest book dives into the cartoonish architecture of Southern California.
Nicole Clark
Tunnel Vision

Yale Students Are Trying to Solve New York's Subway Shutdown

The capstone studio project introduced dozens of new ideas that the MTA might do well to consider.
John Surico
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That Creepy, Abandoned 'Wizard of Oz' Theme Park Is Reopening This Summer

The Land of Oz has sat decaying since 1980, nestled at the top of a mountain in North Carolina.
Kara Weisenstein

Pau Buscató's Playful Photographs of Crazy Coincidences Found in Cities

The street photographer Pau Buscató​ spends seven hours a day searching for the funny moments that only happen when people are crammed together.
Beckett Mufson

Cuba's Sparse and Poetic Storefront Windows

Window-dressers employed by Cuba’s bureau of advertising work to transform actual scarcity into imaginative displays.
Alexa Hoyer
Garage Magazine

Chicago Architecture Biennial: Not Just Glass Towers and Ruin Porn

While acknowledging our digital present, the Chicago Architecture Biennial's sprawling sophomore installment snubs celebrity and takes a deep dive into history, material, and process.
Saul Anton
daily vice

Meet the Team Investigating Human Rights Violations with Forensic Architecture

Eyal Weizman uses floor plans, cell phone footage, and road maps to reconstruct what happened in devastated war zones.
VICE Staff
The September Stories Issue

The Story Behind the Cover of VICE Magazine's September Issue

Christian Delfino explains how he captured the claustrophobic photo.
Christian Delfino
Elizabeth Renstrom
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Skyscrapers Are Not 'Long,' They're Tall

This building wouldn't be the 'longest in the world,' because that's not a thing.
Harry Cheadle
The Photo Issue 2016

Nostalgia for Brutalism

Photographer Lola Paprocka grew up in Polish housing estates, and her obsession with Brutalist architecture shows through this series of photographs.
Lola Paprocka

VICELAND's New Show 'Abandoned' Explores America's Modern-Day Ruins

Legendary skateboarder Rick McCrank goes on a journey to explore the country's abandoned places and meet the people who love them.
VICE Staff
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Visiting the House on the Rock, a Museum About Everything and Nothing

The House on the Rock is messy and confusing and ugly and beautiful and everything a museum should be.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete