Klay Thompson's Dad Laments the Pitiful State of Arm Muscles in the Modern NBA

Former Laker Mychal Thompson recently pined for the days of Corey Maggette-caliber arms in the league. But was he really just calling out his son?


Russia Is Deploying Anti-Aircraft Missiles to Defend Its Arctic Oil Claims

The surface-to-air system is built for cold and can shoot down cruise missiles in the rapidly warming, potentially oil-rich Far North.


Nintendo is Finally Taking a Small Step Towards Accessibility on Switch

With 'ARMS,' at least, players will have a chance to remap every button on the controller.


Episode 14 of the Waypoint UK Podcast Is All About 2017’s Best Games So Far

Because it’s the end of June, so of course it is. We’re talking Zelda, ‘Horizon Zero Dawn,’ ‘Detention,’ ‘Edith Finch’ and many more.


Like 'Breath of the Wild,' Switch's Success is Tied to Taking Big Risks

Not every game needs to become an open world, but Nintendo, now is not the time to be timid. Be bold.


Switch Needs a 'Wii Sports,' and 'ARMS' Might Be It

What could have been a shallow and imprecise novelty fighter is anything but.


Nintendo’s New Console Has A Price, Release Date, And Games

And it’s arriving sooner than you think: March 3 for $300.


New Dinosaur Discovery Suggests T. Rex’s Stubby Arms Weren’t Useless

Paleontologists have found another dinosaur with stubby arms. What did these awkward-looking predators know that we don’t?


PREMIERE: ARMS Find Themselves, Get Classic on 'Patterns'

Todd Goldstein's once-solo project will release its third album 6/3.


'Rufolo and Mr. DDD,' Today's Comic by Fabio Tonetto

Mr. DDD is upset because he has two faces and two sets of legs and no arms.


Weapons of Mass Destruction May Be Slipping Through Canada's Ports

A new audit warns that nuclear material, biological and chemical agents, and missiles could be making it through Canada ports, destined for overseas


Kuwait Is Buying a Bunch of Weapons to Protect Itself From the Islamic State

With the Islamic State creating chaos next door in Iraq, Kuwait just signed a defense deal with France worth $2.8 billion.