Scientists Are Chasing an Ancient Signal That Could Explain the Modern Universe

The faint, 12-billion-year-old signal would lead scientists to the very first stars and illuminate the origins of the modern universe, dark matter, and, well, everything.


Trump Asked Australia for Help Investigating the Mueller Probe’s Origins, Times Says

Both the call and the way officials reportedly handled it echo the Ukraine scandal, which prompted House Democrats to launch an impeachment inquiry last week.


Bull Semen Lab Explosion a 'Blow' to Farmers

100 cryogenic cylinders full of bull semen exploded in a fire on Tuesday at Yarram Herd Services in Australia.


Climate Change Is Turning Australia Into a Fiery Hellscape

A historic rainforest has been destroyed, and one fire in northeastern Australia has burned an area larger than Washington, D.C.


Garlic Expert Who Crusaded Against Importing Garlic Is Going to Prison for... Importing Garlic

"She's the lead person in the garlic society and yet she's quite prepared to import... garlic that could be diseased," the judge said.


We Found Out the Story Behind That Terrifying Hell House in Australia

The otherwise ordinary five-bedroom mansion is filled with terrifying dolls, Satanic masks, and at least one potentially haunted clown.


Massive BBQ Planned Next to Home of Vegan Who Sued Neighbors Over Meat Smells

More than 4,000 people have responded to the Facebook event saying that they'll be attending, and another 10,000+ say that they're interested.


'Rocko's Modern Life' Nails the Dystopian Roller Coaster of Being Australian in America

The show's portrayal of an anxious Australian protagonist in a world of perverse caricature and logo hysteria is, uh, me.


This Giant Raft of Volcanic Rock Could Help Heal the Great Barrier Reef

An underwater volcanic eruption created a huge raft that will evolve into a traveling habitat for many sea creatures.


Scientists Found a Hidden 'Jurassic World' Buried Underneath Australia

The subterranean remains of 100 volcanoes formed some 180 million years ago were detected under a major petroleum hotspot.


WATCH: How This Man on Stabbing Spree Was Stopped By Sydney Bystanders With Chairs and a Milk Crate

The man, who had already allegedly killed one woman and stabbed another, was running through the streets of Sydney's business district.


Ocean Heatwaves That Instantly Kill Coral Are Getting Worse, Scientists Warn

Marine heatwaves present “a distinct biological phenomenon” from bleaching events, and could threaten the livelihoods of half a billion people.