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The Barrett Brown Review of Arts & Letters & Civil Strife

What Is to Be Done?

It is time to consider alternate systems of governance.
Barrett Brown
State of Surveillance

Barrett Brown Went to Prison Again for Talking to Me

The Anonymous journalist was arrested for speaking with Motherboard and spent three days in prison before being released Monday afternoon.
Ben Makuch

Barrett Brown Sentenced to Over Five Years in Prison

Brown has been in prison for the last two years after the FBI arrested him for his alleged involvement in Anonymous-led email hacks.
Kaleigh Rogers

The 'Hacker Wars' Documentary Does Hacktivism No Favors

Vivien Lesnik Weisman's documentary is little more than a valentine to the internet trolls who gave her access.
DJ Pangburn
Motherboard Blog

Hyperlinking Isn't Illegal: The Bulk of Barrett Brown's Charges Were Dropped

Journalists can now breathe a bit easier.
DJ Pangburn

An Excerpt from Jailed Journalist Barrett Brown's New Book

Barrett Brown is an activist-journalist awaiting federal trial in the US. In this excerpt from his latest book, <i>Keep Rootin' for Putin</i>, Brown tackles former Director of the Office of the National Drug Control Policy William Bennett's assertion...
Barrett Brown

Barrett Brown on Radio Censorship in America

Last month, Barrett Brown's legal counsel sent us a letter from their imprisoned client, who was at the time <a href="">bored out of his mind in jail</a>. Today we received another...
Barrett Brown

Barrett Brown Is Bored Out of His Mind in Jail

Earlier today, Barrett Brown's legal counsel sent us this letter on behalf of their imprisoned client, who is apparently spending his time in lockup watching telenovelas, <i>The Bad Girls Club</i>, and twiddling his thumbs until they bleed.
Barrett Brown

Here’s What Happened at Barrett Brown’s Gag Hearing

I was inside the Dallas, Texas, courtroom yesterday when Judge Sam Lindsay ruled that a media gag order would go into effect on Barrett Brown's trial. In my opinion, the prosecution failed to present evidence that supported the necessity of such an...
Dell Cameron
Motherboard Blog

The US Government Just Upheld Barrett Brown's Gag Order

It's a move that's director Kevin Gallagher calls moot and “absurd”.
Fruzsina Eordogh
Motherboard Blog

Barrett Brown and Jeremy Hammond May Be in Prison, But Their Work Continues

Last night, I went to a benefit for Brown and Hammond, who have both become symbols of the government's decade-long assault on information freedom since going to prison.
Daniel Stuckey

Reading 'Born Again' in Jail

I’ve spent the last year or so in a federal lock-up awaiting trial on charges that have been duly <a href=>analyzed elsewhere</a>. Long story short: I’m facing decades in prison...
Barrett Brown