Broadband competition


Senator Introduces Fake Net Neutrality Bill Championed By ISPs Then Pretends He's Fighting Against Them

The bill, introduced by Louisiana Senator John Kennedy, mirrors legislation that has been pushed in the House that would enshrine the ability for ISPs to screw you over.


These Guys Plan to Beam High-Speed Internet to Los Angeles From the Top of a Nearby Hill

The Los Angeles Community Broadband Project plans to use advances in wireless tech to compete with big telecom and connect the masses.


Why Broadband Competition at Faster Speeds is Virtually Nonexistent

Phone companies won't upgrade DSL lines, and cable companies won't expand their service maps.


Tennessee Could Give Taxpayers America's Fastest Internet For Free, But It Will Give Comcast and AT&T $45 Million Instead

"Tennessee will literally be paying AT&T to provide a service 1000 times slower than what Chattanooga could provide without subsidies."


Google Fiber Is Losing the Gigabit Race—All According to Plan

AT&T and other traditional ISPs are racing to compete with Google around the country, which is exactly what we need.


How Big Telecom Gets Away With Rewriting America's Laws

The fact that lawmakers will take this telecom-backed paper masquerading as “economic analysis” seriously is demoralizing.


Internet Service Should Cost Exactly as Much as It's Advertised to Cost

There's no good reason why ISPs aren't required to use an all-in pricing model.


If Sandpoint, Idaho Can Support a Gigabit Fiber ISP, So Can Your Town

“If I can profit there, I'll profit anywhere.”


America Is Wasting So Much Time and Money Defending the Broadband Status Quo

In Louisville, AT&T lawyers are once again wielding a lawsuit to impede progress.


Google Is Lighting Up Dormant 'Dark Fiber' All Over the Country

Google Fiber in San Francisco has been 15 years in the making.


How a DIY Network Plans to Subvert Time Warner Cable's NYC Internet Monopoly

The NYC Mesh meetup group has partnered with two internet exchanges to provide high speed connections without going through the telecom giant.


The Community-Owned ISPs Building an Alternative to Big Telecom in New York City

How three separate projects are working to provide free high speed wifi to New York City.