French Banks Are So Afraid of Demonstrators That They're Boarding Themselves Up

France has been taken over by violent protests over a new bill that is widely perceived as a means of giving more power to employers.
Martin Bertrand

Greece Hopes For Another Massive Bailout After Violent Street Protests

Tensions are on a knife edge as Greece attempts to negotiate another crucial bailout worth billions while facing violent street protests and rebellion from within the government.
Harriet Salem

Locals In Northern Mali Join Islamist Militants In Hating On French, UN Troops

Along with UN peacekeepers, there are thousands of French soldiers fighting Islamists in Africa — and now tensions are emerging with the local population.
Pierre Longeray
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Quick Hit: Clashes as Calais Migrant Camp Demolished

Clashes have broken out in Calais as French authorities begin demolishing the makeshift migrant camp known as "the Jungle."
middle east

Navigation App Sends Israeli Soldiers Into a West Bank Refugee Camp, Sparking Fatal Clashes

In a tragic catalogue of errors, fatal clashes broke out after two Israeli soldiers accidentally entered a Palestinian refugee camp while using a popular GPS cellphone app to navigate.
Harriet Salem
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Welcome to Bethlehem at Christmas, Where Tear Gas Is Clouding Any Festive Cheer

VICE News visited the West Bank's most famous biblical city, where violent clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinian protesters are keeping tourists away this year.
Harriet Salem
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In Photos: Riding Along With Medics on the Frontline of Clashes in the West Bank

VICE News spent the day with a Palestine Red Crescent ambulance team during violent clashes between protesters and Israeli security forces in Ramallah.
Harriet Salem
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Tension Flares in the West Bank as Two Palestinian Teenagers Are Fatally Shot

Violence continues to escalate in West Bank and Jerusalem as two Palestinian teenagers are killed in clashes with the Israeli army in just 36 hours.
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Israeli Soldiers Mobilize in West Bank After Two Settlers Are Shot

The violence comes just days after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas hinted he would end security cooperation with Israelis in the West Bank at a high-profile speech at the UN.
Avi Asher-Schapiro
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Anger Grows in Jerusalem as Israel Intensifies its Crackdown

Both tension and rhetoric remain high in Jerusalem, as Israel deployed hundreds more security forces around the city on Friday and vowed to "declare war" on Palestinian stone-throwers.
Reuters and VICE News

Ten Migrants Injured During Border Clashes With Macedonian Police

Authorities in Macedonia have sent reinforcements to the country’s southern border, where nearly 3,000 migrants have gathered with the hope of eventually reaching northern European countries.
Pierre-Louis Caron

Bloody Protests Force Lawmakers in the Democratic Republic of Congo to Change Controversial Election Plan

A proposed law would have delayed the country's upcoming presidential election pending a nationwide census, but deadly protests prompted a change of plans.
Pierre Longeray