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No, McDonald's Extra Value Meals Aren't a Scam, Judge Decides

A class-action lawsuit alleged that McDonald's Extra Value Meals contain no extra value.
Mayukh Sen
Internet Insecurity

Class Action Lawyers Say Equifax Can’t Prevent You From Suing Them

If you checked to see if your social security number was stolen, there's no need to worry that you've signed away your right to join a class action lawsuit.
Sarah Emerson
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Is James Damore's Law Firm Preparing a Class Action Lawsuit Against Google?

The firm is looking for employees who have been “defamed/slandered/smeared/blacklisted at Google for political views, or views about affirmative action at Google.”
Sarah Emerson
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Fyre Festival Attendees File $100 Million Lawsuit Against Organizers

The action suit was filed in California yesterday by a celebrity lawyer.
Alexander Iadarola

If You've Bought Milk In the Past 14 Years, You May Be Eligible For This Settlement

Big Dairy has been ordered to pay $52 million in damages for colluding to fix prices on milk products by killing up to 500,000 cows. Residents of 15 states have until January 31 to collect.
Jelisa Castrodale

Marky Mark and the Funky Lunch: Wahlburgers Is Being Sued for Wage Theft

The lawsuit against the reality show stars alleges that their Coney Island franchise "has been rampant with wage theft and violations of federal and state labor law" ever since opening in 2015.
Alex Swerdloff

Baseball Minor Leaguers Dealt Significant Setback in Lawsuit Against MLB

Minor Leaguers had hoped a lawsuit against Major League Baseball would help them gain fair wages. But that appears unlikely now after a Thursday court ruling.
Mike Vorkunov

MLS Players Union Executive Director Calls Lawsuit Against Dempsey, Yedlin, Bradley "A Shakedown For Money"

MLSPU Executive Director Bob Foose believes that applying FIFA mandated solidarity payments to U.S. clubs could have a "horrible" affect on youth soccer development in the U.S.
Jorge Arangure Jr.

Youth Clubs File Class Action Lawsuit vs. MLS Players Union and Dempsey, Yedlin and Bradley

A dramatic restructuring of the U.S. youth soccer system may occur as a result of a lawsuit that was filed in federal court on Friday.
Jorge Arangure Jr.

This Woman Sued Starbucks for Putting Too Much Ice in Her Iced Coffee

The complaint alleges that the chain’s iced coffee simply has too much ice in it. Oh, and there’s also this: Starbucks should pay $5 million in damages for causing this inconceivable (alleged) wrong.
Alex Swerdloff

Lyft Settles With Drivers, But Uber Lawsuit Races Towards Trial

Lyft’s class action lawsuit is over after drivers get $12.25 million (but not employee status).
Sarah Jeong
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Spotify Faces Its Second Songwriter Lawsuit in Two Weeks

Massachusetts artist Melissa Ferrick​ says that songwriters should get more than $200 million from the company.
Alexander Iadarola