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Competitive Beard Grower Admits He Helped Run Massive Dark Web Drug Site

"OxyMonster" worked his way from a lowly vendor to a top dog at Dream Market, one of the biggest drug trafficking sites on the dark web.
Drew Schwartz
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How a Credit Card Scammer Makes Thousands in Cash a Day

VICE met up with a full-time scammer for a look inside the shady, lucrative world of stealing credit card info on the dark web.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Thousands of Orange, Trump-Shaped Ecstasy Pills Seized in Germany

​It's not the first time the president's mug has popped up on a batch of illicit drugs.
Drew Schwartz
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The Dark Web Isn’t Really a ‘Web’

It's a sparse and isolated place.
Jordan Pearson

Ross Ulbricht Defense Fund Makes Juicy Target for Hackers

According to Free Ross, the hacker didn't manage to pinch any funds, though.
Joseph Cox

A Weekend with a Deep Web Drug Dealer

I watched firsthand how an online drug empire is run.
Jake Hanrahan

Kinetic Light Sculpture Visualizes the Deep Web with Lasers

Motorized spheres and 12 high-powered lasers bring light artist Christopher Bauder and composer Robert Henke's 'Deep Web' to life.
Nathaniel Ainley
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Here's How People Are Actually Using Bitcoin

We talk to Bitcoin users following the latest episode of Black Market: Dispatches on the dark web.
Ezra Marcus

How the Dark Web Revolutionized Drug Dealing

On an all new episode of 'Black Market: Dispatches,' we investigate the ways in which the dark web has changed drug dealing.
VICE Staff
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How the Walter White of fentanyl appeared, then disappeared, on the dark web

Last year, a mysterious dealer with a huge supply of quality fentanyl appeared on the darkweb, with a story straight out of Breaking Bad. This month, they disappeared.
Justin Ling

A Massive, Insane New Art Installation Is an IRL Version of the Internet's Dark Side

'Cellar Door' is a nightmarish, 50-room installation in the basement of an Austrian theater. An art project that turns the dark underbelly of internet culture into a physical installation, the 504-hour-long performance is not for the faint of heart.
Darryl Natale

Dark Web Market Disappears, Users Migrate in Panic, Circle of Life Continues

Nucleus site becomes unresponsive, pushing users into a now well-established pattern of migration.
Joseph Cox