The Most Horrifying Allegations in the ACLU’s Newest Family Separation Lawsuit

One young girl was held so long she forgot her native language, according to the suit.


This Former Undocumented Immigrant Is Running For Congress — and She's All For Trump's Wall

She claims Democrats don’t care about immigrants like her. “They called us ‘Dreamers,’ and quite frankly, used us as political props"


ICE Took Over a Program That Shields Sick Immigrants from Deportation. Here's How That's Going.

Families of kids receiving medical care in the U.S. got letters saying they have to leave within 33 days or face deportation and a temporary ban on returning


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He couldn't get the insulin he needed to treat his diabetes.


An 18-Year-Old Citizen Has Been in Immigration Detention for a Month. It's Not the First Time.

Francisco presented his Texas ID, a Social Security card, and a small copy of his birth certificate at a CBP checkpoint


ICE Will Reportedly Conduct Raids to Arrest Thousands of Immigrants On Sunday

ICE will reportedly include “collateral” deportations, in which agents will arrest immigrants on the scene who are not on their target list.


Trump Can't Arrest "Millions" of Immigrants. This Is His Real Plan.

And he still might not be able to accomplish that.


'I Was Gone from the World and Nobody Noticed': One Woman's Story of Being Trapped by NXIVM

"I remember scratching down my arms and wanting to scream."


Drug Cartels Are Preying on Migrants Stuck in Mexico

“I’m scared ... because I didn’t accept their offer, they are going to retaliate against me and my family”


Democrats are trying to use the border security deal to rein in ICE

They aim to make ICE prioritize people with criminal records rather than longtime residents who are part of the fabric of their communities.


The Fate of Tonga’s Criminal Returnees

We talked to criminal deportees who have little support to prevent them from reverting to a life of crime.


I Watched Activists Crash an Airline Gala to Protest Deporting LGBTQ Asylum Seekers

The British activists chanted "deportation contracts make us sick" as they handed out barf bags to 200 guests, including the CEO of British Airways.