digital divide


How Humans Will Bring the Internet to Space

In the future, orbiters, rovers, deep space probes, and even human space habitats will be nodes on the internet of things.


Critics Say the FCC’s Big New Rural Broadband Plan Doesn’t Offer Much That’s New

Industry watchers say the FCC’s new broadband plan is woefully light on details, and isn’t likely to drive the better, more open networks the US needs.


This Congressman Wants to Build a ‘Digital’ Border Wall that Would Also Provide Rural Broadband

Congressman Will Hurd is the only Republican representing a district along the border, and he wants to use technological solutions to secure the border and possibly close the digital divide.


Verizon Is Making It Harder for Teachers to Contact Students Who Don’t Have Smartphones

Verizon’s new fees on app to phone long code messages was designed to counter robotexts, not stop teachers from assigning homework.


Canada Has 'No Plan' to Bring Broadband to Rural and Remote Communities, Watchdog Says

A scathing new report shows that Canada has a long way to go when it comes to closing the country’s digital divide.


School Board Bans Snow Days, Will Make Kids Work Online Instead

But the practice may hurt students who don't have access to the internet at home.


Why Bury Broadband Fiber When You Can Just Glue It to the Road?

TRAXyL, a DC-based startup, hopes their patented resin will provide more options for building affordable internet infrastructure.


24 Million Americans Don't Have Access to Broadband—Why Isn't It an Election Issue?

It’s rare that the digital divide even gets lip service, let alone a robust platform from candidates.


Life Without Internet: A Look into America's Digital Divide

On today's episode of 'The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast,' Kaleigh Rogers talks about traveling across the country and visiting America's most disconnected communities.


What It's Like to Live in America Without Broadband Internet

In every single state, a portion of the population doesn’t have access to broadband, and some have no access to the internet at all.


Congress Keeps Asking Zuckerberg to Connect Rural America to the Internet

Senator Shelley Moore Capito and Representative Morgan Griffith each took time in the hearings to ask the Facebook CEO about his plans to expand rural broadband.


Tim Berners-Lee: Monopolies and Lack of Public Infrastructure Are Ruining the Web

The world wide web, the information space we all use to connect on the internet, is 29 years old. Its founder, Tim Berners-Lee, wants the world to come together to close the digital divide.