digital preservation


Data Hoarders Are Plotting an Archive of Tumblr Porn

It’s not the first time Reddit’s data hoarding community has saved content that is about to be purged from the internet, but this archive carries some risk.


Motherboard Made a Bot That Archives Tweets on Demand

In an age of governments, organizations, and individuals sometimes deleting important information from Twitter, @archive_tweet may make it easier to preserve a particular tweet, and then share those mirrors with other people.


How the Blue Skies of ‘Forza Horizon 3’ Got Me Thinking About ‘OutRun 2’ and Gaming Preservation

Playing one made me want to play the other—but how few of us can still enjoy games a decade and more old?


How Digital Storage Is Changing the Way We Preserve History

Ancient hieroglyphics and scrolls have survived centuries, but digital storage is fragile.


Saving 'P.T.'

Konami wants the short horror game to disappear, but fans won't let it.


Kickstarter and the Smithsonian Want to Digitize Neil Armstrong's Spacesuit

The “Reboot the Suit” campaign is the first project from their planned partnership.


The Quest to Resurrect Three of the 90s' Most Important CD-ROM Games for Girls

Theresa Duncan's three CD-ROM games changed young girls' lives in the 1990s. Now they're impossible to find, let alone play. If we don't restore them, we may as well be burning books.


Could 3D Scanning Give Eternal Life To Endangered Cultural Artifacts?

CultScan3D is a virtual preservation company that could protect the world's most valuable art from an untimely demise.


The Floppy Disk Museum: XFR STN Is a Fantastic Project to Preserve Proto-Digital Art

All those projects you still have stored on floppy disks and aging hard drives? Now is your chance to get them digitally preserved, for free.