• 12.10.14

      This Dude Started His Own Cult

      "It's a group performance where everyone's a player," says Christopher Allman, the creator and leader of the People of Ieya.

    • 11.24.14

      This Guy Thinks Danny DeVito Is the Antichrist

      William Tapley, self-proclaimed "Third Eagle of the Apocalypse" and "Co-Prophet of the End Times," thinks the guy who played the Penguin is going to bring about the Apocalypse.

    • 11.18.14

      Catholics Are Going to Freak When We Find Aliens

      What would happen to the world's religions if we made contact with alien life? I asked Dr. David A. Weintraub, an astronomer at Vanderbilt University who's been trying to get to the bottom of that question.

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    • 6.3.13

      Sacrificing Virgins

      Back in the day, if you wanted God to bless your crops and make them grow high to the heavens, you prayed for rain. If that didn't work, you built a temple or maybe slaughtered a goat. And if that didn't work, well, then you just hacked up the nearest...

    • 5.28.13

      People Who Love God Also Love Porn

      The residents of “religious” cities watch just about the same amount of porn as the godless heathens in progressive cities like San Francisco and Boston. The study is the result of adult website PornHub crunching the numbers on where their users are...

    • 5.20.13

      Don't Bet on the Apocalypse

      Remember those billboards during the summer of 2011 that boldly claimed the world was going to end on May 21 of that year? Those predictions were put together by a California-based Christian cult who is now destitute, because they spent all their money...