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A Former Clickhole Writer Made a ‘Content Bot’ That Will Probably Become My Boss

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Ignoring Beer's Sexism Problem Won't Make It Go Away

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Essay: Hawaii Blossoms into a Paradise for Street Art | #50StatesofArt

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Information Won't Make Us Immortal

A new philosophy that information is the 'Soul 2.0' is gaining momentum online, but it's wishful thinking.


AAAS CEO to Young Scientists: Speak Up. Keep Focused. Carry On.

Rush Holt, former Congressman and physicist, explains how scientists should move forward under the Trump Administration.


We're Launching an Apprentice Program for Formerly Incarcerated People

Starting early next year, we'll welcome formerly incarcerated people to work with us at our Brooklyn office in production, editorial, marketing, and other creative roles.


The Trans-Pacific Partnership Is Dead, and That's Good for Internet Freedom

US lawmakers from both parties rejected the 12-country deal, including every leading presidential candidate.


A Note on Trump, Waypoint, and Why We Play

Editor-in-Chief Austin Walker offers his thoughts on how the US Presidential election impacts on the goals of Waypoint.