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Why My Immigrant Parents Didn't Send Me to Private School

An elite prep school offered me a private school scholarship, and my parents turned it down.
VICE Staff
Late Capitalism

Student-Loan Debt Is Bringing on Millennial Class War

A new analysis shows the snowball effects of college debt—from credit cards to the size of your house. It will come to a head.
Allie Conti
Late Capitalism

Here's Fresh Evidence Student Loans Are a Massive, Generational Scam

The co-author of an enraging new report called the student loan system "a failed social experiment."
Matt Taylor
The Power and Privilege Issue

The History of the Future of High School

The problem with American secondary education is not that students haven’t learned the “right skills,” as the Betsy DeVoses of the world would have you believe.
Audrey Watters
The VICE Guide to Right Now

'The Child Will Be the Customer' at Jeff Bezos's Totally Normal Preschool

The Amazon billionaire's new charity is pledging to bring high-quality preschools to impoverished areas.
Harry Cheadle

Colleges Are Going About Consent Education All Wrong

In her new book 'Consent on Campus,' Donna Freitas argues it's up to universities to challenge hookup culture and champion consent.
Hope Reese
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

How Columbia's Photography Students Protected the Picket Line

When the Ivy League institution's graduate workers went on strike, these classes decided to work in solidarity.
VICE Staff
Minority Reports

Inside the Lives of White Students at Historically Black Colleges

“Oh man, so many stares.”
David J. Dent
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

Behind the Scenes of VICE's New Series 'Minority Reports'

On today's podcast, we talk about why historically black colleges are recruiting outside of the black community amid financial woes.
VICE Staff
Privacy and Perception Issue

How Being Radically, Unapologetically Open About Sex Freed Me

I spent a decade building a separate life as an A-grade dress-wearing, dick-sucking moral vagrant. Then I realized that the secrecy only served to deepen my shame.
Tom Rasmussen

Wales Is Leading the Way in LGBTQ-Inclusive Sex Education

It just became one of the first countries in the world to enforce inclusive changes to the curriculum that will be rolled out in 2022.
Georgina Jones

We Finally Found Out What Goes Down in the Teacher’s Lounge

Teachers talk shit just like everyone else.