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This is what life is like in Venezuela when the lights go out

“I handed out the food so it wouldn't go to waste,” said Luisa Changir, a 60-year-old Caracas resident.
Juanita Ceballos
Maeva Bambuck

Here's Why New York City's Blue-Sky Electrical Explosion Was So Big

Thursday night, an explosion at a Con Edison electrical facility lit up the entire New York City Sky an unsettling shade of aqua.
Caroline Haskins

Watch 100,000 Volts of Electricity Course Through a Circuit Board in Slow Motion

Electricity always follows the past of least resistance, and that can make for some dangerously beautiful effects.
Matthew Gault

Spiders Can Fly Thousands of Miles With Electric Power

For the first time, scientists have empirically verified electricity’s role in the ballooning abilities of spiders.
Becky Ferreira

How Much Energy Does It Take to Grow Weed vs. Mining Bitcoin?

Power authorities are concerned about Bitcoin's energy use; how does it stack up against growing bud?
Jordan Pearson

A Small American Town Wants to Put a Moratorium on Bitcoin Mining

Plattsburgh is worried about Bitcoin’s energy consumption.
Jordan Pearson

Electrocuting Eggs Will Get Rid of Their Fart Smell

Japanese researchers found that treating an egg with electricity will get rid of any noxious odor (and make the egg white softer).
Nick Rose
It's Electric

Bitcoin Mining Is Potentially More Energy-Intensive Than Gold Mining

But Bitcoin could be so much more than digital gold.
Christopher Malmo
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Atlanta's Airport Is Still a Nightmare After a Brutal Power Outage

Hundreds of flights were canceled Monday, and the ripple effects could be felt nationwide.
Drew Schwartz
Puerto Rico

Whitefish to Puerto Rico: Pay us $83 million or we won't keep fixing the power

Alexa Liautaud
Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico thrust back into darkness after new power failure

A severe power outage swept back over the island Thursday after a mechanical failure on one of its power lines, thrusting millions of Puerto Ricans back into the dark.  
Alexa Liautaud
bitcoin is unsustainable

One Bitcoin Transaction Consumes As Much Energy As Your House Uses in a Week

As Bitcoin’s price increases, its energy consumption is soaring. Bitcoin's power consumption is extremely high compared to conventional digital payment, and one transaction now uses as much energy as your house in a week.
Christopher Malmo