Viral Video Shows a Japanese Zoo's Polar Bear 'Escape Drill' and, Uh, It's Incredible

At Tobe Zoo, people dress in animal costumes and wreak havoc, "mauling" everything in their path.
Nicole Clark

This Guy Broke Out of Jail, Got Caught, Then Stole a Cop Car and Escaped Again

One minute, he was cuffed in the back of a squad car. The next, he was driving away in it.
River Donaghey
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Two Nursing Home Escapees Were Found at the World's Biggest Metal Fest

They were "disoriented and dazed" by the time the cops finally tracked them down.
Drew Schwartz

'Big Dirty Cloud,' Today's Comic by Nina Vandenbempt

The Belgian artist recalls her first time smoking weed.
Nina Vandenbempt
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This Cow Wanted Absolutely Nothing to Do with Baby Jesus

Stormy fled the nativity scene she'd been cooped up in twice before the church finally let her head back to the farm.
Drew Schwartz
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This Guy Escaped from Jail with a Ridiculously Simple Disguise

Apparently all it took was dressing up like a dad.
River Donaghey
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Very Good Dog Refuses to Be a Pawn for the Surveillance State

Here's to Lulu, who—unlike so many of us grinding away at our soul-crushing jobs—somehow managed to escape.
Drew Schwartz
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Stephen Paddock's Dad Was on FBI Most Wanted List, Brother Says

Patrick Benjamin Paddock reportedly robbed banks, broke out of prison, and spent years on the lam.
Drew Schwartz
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Inmates Used Peanut Butter to Smear Their Way Out of Jail

And one of the 12 escapees is still on the loose.
Allie Conti
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This Inmate Filmed His Own Jailbreak and Turned It into a Short Film

The self-made documentary feels like a low-budget 'Goodfellas'—complete with voiceovers, freeze frames, and pop music.
Drew Schwartz

People Talk About Leaving Their Soul-Crushing Rat Race Jobs

We asked how it all worked out after committing career suicide.
Sarah Berman
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Cops Say Repeat Prison Escapee Got Help from a Drone

It was Jimmy Causey's second escape from a maximum-security prison in 12 years.
Allie Conti