Insects Are In 'Catastrophic' Decline Worldwide, Scientists Warn

More than 40 percent of insects are at risk of extinction within 100 years.


At Least 3.4 Million Farm Animals Drowned in the Aftermath of Hurricane Florence

Millions more are still at risk of dying from exposure, starvation, or drowning as the Carolinas recover.


Inside China's Factory Farms for Mink Furs

VICE China visited the farms that harvest minks, the factories that turn their fur into coats, and the malls that sell the upscale garments to find out how they’re made.


Dropping Milk Prices Are Increasing the Risk of Dairy Farmer Suicides

One cooperative is offering mental health services in hopes of reversing this worrisome trend.


Some Cops Got into a 45-Minute Standoff with a Tiger Stuffed Animal

"I feel a bit silly for calling the police, but I thought it was a real emergency."


This Farm Has No Farmers

The 'Hands Free Hectare' gives us a peek at the future of automated agriculture.


This Refugee Family Farm Is Supplying Some of LA’s Best Restaurants

Founded by refugees from Laos, Thao Family Farm is beloved by chefs and non-chefs alike for its unique produce.


California farms struggle to hold on to immigrant labor

Farms in California are experiencing a labor shortage that is driving wages to the highest level in history


Farmers Could Have Teams of Tarzan Robots Swinging Around Their Fields in the Future

The king of the jungle is moving to the farm.


An Ecologist Became a Drone Engineer to Save Our Food Supply

Greg Crutsinger develops drone technology to help farmers struggling to grow produce in a world affected by climate change.


This Tiny Oregon Brewery Is Making Rustic Beer with Fruit and Nuts

The founder treats trees as if they were different hop varieties. His Sebastian Rhubarb ale, for example, is a full-bodied, “basement-y” saison brewed with Douglas fir needles from his farm and heirloom rhubarb.


This Giant Vertical Farming Robot Is Coming For Your Crops

It's designed to grow grains for livestock while saving farmers money on labor. But that means it's also coming for some human jobs.